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Washington Wizards feature under-aged Bradley Beal in beer promotion

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It’s already been a tough season for the Washington Wizards, as their two best players, John Wall and Nene, are out indefinitely. That doesn’t leave many bright young faces to be the “face of the franchise” right now. The closest thing to it is 2nd overall pick Bradley Beal out of Florida.

With struggling personnel comes struggles to sell tickets, and the fans need a little incentive to pay for tickets to the arena. Knowing this, the Wizards decided to run a promotion: Buy a $25 dollar ticket to the game, and get a $2 Budweiser beer. Figuring he may be the only recognizable face on the team right now, the Wizards decided to feature Beal on the advertisement. One problem: the rookie is only nineteen years-old.

Here’s a picture of the promotion:

Naturally, this turned some heads, and isn’t the best public relations move, so the ad was eventually taken down. In their defense, Beal wasn’t consuming anything in the ad, just simply present in an ad featuring an alcohol promotion. Furthermore, who the heck else are they going to put on there? Emeka Okafor?!

That being said, I wouldn’t go see the Wizards without Wall if they were two cent beers, and I don’t think I’m alone.

Thanks to Michael Lee of the Washington Post for discovering this unfortunate circumstance. Follow him on twitter, we do.

By: Frank Santos- Sports-Kings Assistant Site Manager

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