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WATCH: 19-year old Allen Iverson drops 40 points 24 hours after getting out of jail

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Before Allen Iverson was Allen Iverson, he was just a troubled kid trying to make his way out of a tough neighborhood. I highly suggest you read this piece about AI’s journey from his childhood to the league. When he was 17, Iverson was put in jail, where he would stay for approximately four months before being pardoned. His mother would also ask then Georgetown coach John Thompson to give her son a chance. He would oblige:

At 17, Iverson was convicted on a felony charge of “maiming-by-mob” and drew a 15-year prison sentence, with 10 years suspended. He spent four months at the Newport News City Farm before Virginia Governor Douglas Wilder granted him a pardon. In 1995, the Virginia Court of Appeals overturned the conviction, citing insufficient evidence of his guilt.

While Iverson was in prison, his mother visited Georgetown basketball coach John Thompson in December 1993. “She was the reason why I helped her child,” Thompson said.

Here is video of a Summer League game played just 24 hours after Iverson was released from prison, where he puts on a show, ranging from pull-up three-pointers to athletic one-handed dunks. This is probably the first of the many great performances we would see from AI:

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