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WATCH: 91 year old man sets new bench press record

  • Stephen Kettner

Most of us would love to just reach the age of 91 let alone be lifting weights. However, World War II vet Sy Perlis is on  a whole other level these days. Perlis set the bench pressing record (for ages 90+) with a load of 187.5 lbs.

Not only is his age insane enough, but the 91 year old Perlis didn’t even start lifting weights until he was 60 years old. He most recently took a year off from lifting to recover from both hernia surgery and having had a pacemaker installed to keep the old ticker going.

For most of us, hernia surgery would set us back for a few months in our 30-40s, throw in adding a pacemaker and I would think most of us would be done. I don’t see Perlis stopping anytime soon, he works out 5 days a week, has a new ticker and has a wife 22 year younger. He has plenty to live for and is in incredible shape. I can only hope to be in his shoes in a half century.


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