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WATCH: Croatian fan kiss Brazilian reporter during live segment at World Cup

  • Marcus Burnan

Croatia played Brazil for the opening game of the World Cup on Thus day afternoon.  While the Croatian team lost the game 3-1, partly due to a controversial penalty derision, there was one person who came out a winner.

This Croatia fan.  As we can see from the video, he puts his arm around the reporter and plants a big kiss on her cheek.  The reporter in question was Sabina Simonato and she was reporting live from Sao Paulo when the cougars Croat did the deed.

Simonato was taken completely by surprise but handled it very professionally.  The Croatian man went off possibly feeling triumphant and his teams’ defeat already forgotten.

He was also possibly intoxicated.  Kudos to you Mr. Croatian Man.

H/T: Bleacher Report

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