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WATCH: Mason Plumlee wants to be in the Dunk Contest

  • Jason Whitney

Could Mason Plumlee win the dunk contest?

Brooklyn Nets big man Mason Plumlee has some flash to his game that not a lot of people have witnessed. The flash comes in way of his dunking prowess. In case you missed it, back in 2009 Plumlee took second in the McDonald’s All-American dunk contest, losing to Boston Celtics guard Avery Bradley. If asked, Plumlee stated he would participate which would mark the first time a Nets player has performed in a dunk contest since Dr. J won the ABA competition.

Plumlee also states that JaVale McGee stole one of his dunks. During the 2011 dunk contest, McGee dunked three balls at once, which Plumlee states he was the first to do. Based on the video below, he might be correct. Adding Mason to the contest couldn’t hurt things, as many people were disappointed with this past year’s dunk contest. However, it would seem that Plumlee’s height could play a role as many guards seem to take home the hardware because it looks more impressive to see a smaller player dunk.


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