WATCH: RGIII says “We spanked the Cowboys” and does jumping jacks on stage

  • Stephen Kettner

Ever since surgery on his mangled knee this offseason, Robert Griffin III’s recovery has been public discussion. Both his coach, Mike Shanahan, and the operating surgeon who fixed his knee, Dr. James Andrews, have publicly come out and said how well he’ll come back from the procedure. Saturday at the Redskins’ draft party, RGIII took the stage and put on a bit of a show for the fans, showing how his recovery has gone. Jumping around, doing jumping jacks as well as walking with no visible limp. He told the fans “I’m good. You saw me jumping…We’re going to bounce on next year, too. Everybody start jumping, baby. Let’s go!” Yes, NFC East, that means you!


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Full Video of RG3 interview


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