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WATCH: San Francisco Giants fan loses pants trying to grab fair ball

  • Jason Whitney

This San Francisco Giants fan lost his pants while trying to field a fair ball

The San Francisco Giants were trying to stage a late 9th inning rally with two outs when Brandon Crawford hit a ball down the left field line. Now usually fans are cognizant of fair and foul balls hit down the line, but not this fan. In the process of grabbing the ball his guy lost his pants. Then realizing what he had done, he tossed the ball back onto the field of play like it never happened. To compound the Giants losing the game 6-3, this fan needless to say, got the boot for interfering with a live ball. Talk about a double whammy.

Is it just me or do fans at games overreact at trying to catch a $2 baseball? We see it all the time with fans making themselves look like idiots doing whatever it takes to snag a baseball that is worth the same as the one on the rack at Dicks Sporting Goods.

Check it out:

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