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Who are the NFL’s Top Receivers in 2012?

  • Jim Racalto

When it comes to valuable positions on a football team, few are as important as the wide receiver.  While many consider the quarterback to be the end all and be all of a football squad, he is ultimately only as good as the person he is throwing to. As it pertains to stand out wide outs this past season, few can argue that AJ Green, Calvin Johnson and Brandon Marshall are not the top three in the league.

When it comes to Green, he just has what it takes to be a great receiver in the league.  He is fast, makes the right cuts at pin point accuracy and rarely drops catches.  His chemistry with QB Andy Dalton over the past two seasons has seen him increase he staying power as the Bengals number one wide out.

This is also very true of one Calvin Johnson.  After having a relatively quiet first half of the season due to nagging injuries, he has found a way to become relevant again and has managed four touchdowns in the last five games while receiving more than 100 yards in all of his last six games.  He is the real deal.

Lastly, Marshall has shown that he can definitely get the job done this season if he has the right quarterback throwing to him.  That quarterback is Jay Cutler and they have found a way to make some amazing plays that have helped the Chicago Bears get to an 8-5 record on the season.

When it comes to great receivers in the league, few can question why AJ Green, Calvin Johnson and Brandon Marshall are at the top of the list.  They play hard and love the game enough to try to better themselves with every game.  Ultimately, any team with these guys on their squad increases their chances of being viable NFL picks exponentially.

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