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Who Should Your Favorite Athlete Dress up as for Halloween?

  • Andy Flint

Senior Writer: ANDY FLINT

In the spirit of the season, Sports-Kings presents… Who should your favorite athlete dress up as for Halloween?

#10: Mark Sanchez as Tom Brady









Okay, okay, I’ll admit that these two don’t share an exceptional resemblance, BUT, they both love getting dolled up and hitting the strip for apple tini’s. Toss Sanchez a pair of hot pink Uggs and a Pats jersey, and you’ll never know the difference!

#9: Tim Tebow as Pope Benedict XVI









Yuuup, I’m heading straight to Hell.. Ohwell, because Tim Tebow is headed directly towards the unemployment line. Maybe he can send Pope Benedict XVI some snap-shots of his costume and get an internship at the Vatican. We all know how Tebow loves to pray. This seems like a match made in….. Heaven.

#8: Joakim Noah as Chewbacca









Okay, so for this one to work, Noah will likely need to groom himself a touch. But once he heads to Super Cuts and gets a quick trim, nobody will be the wiser. He can find a bowcaster at any comic shop in the down-town Chicago area so getting the authentic look should be as easy as pie.

#7: Troy Polamalu as Rapunzel









Steelers and Princesses and hair… OH MY! Listen, I harbor no ill will towards Polamalu or his hair, but a fact is a fact.. This guy needs nothing more than a flat-iron and some blonde hair dye to pull this Halloween look off.

#6: C.C. Sabathia as Jabba The Hutt









There is a bright side to this. Jabba was the man. He was rich, successful in his line of work. Much like Sabathia is. And Jabba had a way with the ladies. On Tatooine it’s called marriage.. On Earth it’s called sex trafficing. Either way, C.C. was born to wear this costume. He can probably even pull off the voice.

#5: LeBron James as Tennessee Williams









I think we all know why this costume makes sense for LeBron James, right? Okay, let me explain this you. How more perfect could LeBron’s costume be, than that of trick-or-treating as a real life choker? Tennessee Williams famously died from choking, just as LeBron James has famously been ousted from the playoffs by choking. Although Tennessee’s choking bit had a far more devastating result. LeBron sure does catch enough shit for his choke act.

#4: Kobe Bryant as Cobra Commander









Yea.. I know what you’re thinking. Kobe is technically the “Black Mamba“. The Cobra Commander was the closest thing I could find that was snake-ish and bad ass. Things they have in common? They both rule their respective “teams” and they both even have their own shoes. Not bad for a couple of guys who get compared to snakes.

#3: Calvin Johnson as Megatron









One of the more cool nicknames in sports, if you ask me. Calvin Johnson is big, physical and intelligent. These same things can be said about the evil Megatron from Transformers. They’re both huge, powerful machines who have one goal… Domination!

#2: Roy Nelson as Larry The Cable Guy









Seriously? Need I even explain myself here? Toss Roy a camo hat, a silly redneck accent and a cut-off flannel shirt, and BAM! GIT-R-DONE!

#1: Floyd Mayweather Jr. as Daffy Duck









This one amuses me the most (yes I’m allowed to laugh at my own jokes). Mayweather should dress as Daffy Duck because Mayweather is a duck. This guy has done nothing but “duck” up-and-comers and fight good boxers who were well past their primes. Own it, Floyd!


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