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Why Oklahoma City will Sweep the Heat

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Game one validated my feeling that this is a series bound to end soon. It all comes down to simple fact that people fail to realize: Kevin Durant is going to score whenever he wants down the stretch. He’s not going to be stopped or miss a jumper or cry about whistles. He’s going to just calmly end games. He’s on a different level when it comes to closing games. Add that to the fact that 3 more guys are willing big-shot shooters. That means Harden, Fisher, and Westbrook. How many willing shooters does Miami have with 2 minutes left? What, one?

Outside of Dwayne Wade, there’s not a lot of guys in reddish-orange that will be asking for the 20 footer. LeBron prefers only shots he can drop in the cup in those spots. Bosh, he’ll pass first, also. Wade may be willing, but he’s not on Durant’s level in terms of shot-creating ability. We saw Durant soar through the lane to hammer one ball in, he flew in and tapped one home, and then of-course, hit jumpers at a standstill and off the dribble. He’s too skilled for Shane Battier to frustrate. Unless LeBron takes that challenge, and finds a new formula, the Heat are again going to be answering a lot of questions.

3 or 4 big shots may have squeaked by the aging Boston Celtics bunch. Well, this ain’t Boston, boys. This is a team you’d better send in 10 big shots against. The West Conference gang is scoring 100 every night on Miami, whether they like it not, so the 4th quarter will always be tight. I just don’t see Miami liking those situations, not like Durant & Co. do. They look eager to hoist it, all the while with the strain of one in cruise-control. Miami always appears to be looking around like someone else is going to come help. They seem a bit overwhelmed with the task. And it’s all in the simple fact that they have no closer. In tight series, you better have big shot takers and hopefully makers. This could be a different series if even a Stephen Jackson were on their side. Just one guy that’s looking to hoist the ball. Gilbert Arenas would suddenly feel pretty useful. Miami has had the luxury of being worlds more talented than every team they’ve played thus far. That is not the case any longer. OKC is just as athletic, if not more, and just as skilled of scorers, and likely more. So to overcome that, the Heat need some grit and grind and big hoops in the clutch. And I don’t see any of the above.

I see a sweep. And I don’t even think it’s going to be that difficult, if the referees don’t absolutely come to Miami’s rescue. The dynasty in the league’s smallest city is about to be underway. Calm and cool, and easy.

Hell, next one might be a blowout…


-Pat N.

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