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Why we hate Tom Brady.

  • Jim Racalto

Leif Garrett anyone?

I received plenty of uproar from people after I began boasting how the Steelers would beat the Patriots last weekend, and even more of the same after they did beat them. I mean, is it a cardinal sin in the NFL to be happy a team (especially my favorite team), beat the “genius” Bill Belichick and put Tom Brady on his ass a few times?

Is it politically incorrect to be happy that Mike Tomlin and Dick LeBeau finally outcoached Belichick, and Ben Roethlisberger finally outdid Brady and beat the Patriots at their own game? The proverbial monkey is now off the backs of the Pittsburgh Steelers, and they are without a doubt the most complete team in the AFC.

Throughout the course of the game, whenever Brady got rushed, hit, or sacked, I found myself screaming at the top of my lungs “hit that f%!@r, I hate him!”. Then it dawned on me, even when the Patriots aren’t playing the Steelers, I have the same attitude, as do many of the people I watch football with. I’ve never hated a player for being good, which Tom Brady is. He is arguably the best quarterback this decade in terms of stats, post-season play, and titles overall. I don’t doubt or scrutinize the fact that Tom Brady can play football, and play it like few others can. So why can’t anyone outside of Massachusetts or the Patriots fan-base stand him?

I decided to do a psychoanalysis of myself, and my apparently genetically engrained dislike for Tom Brady. I realized that because my DNA consists of the colors black and yellow, I have an internal hatred for this guy because up until now, he always had his way with the Steelers. That explains the joy I felt last Sunday when the Steelers erased tons of bad memories with a dominating performance and defeat of Tom Brady.

That solves one facet of dislike. So, why do I root against him when he’s playing any other team? This is where it gets interesting, and probably explains why many other fans can’t stand him.

Is it just me, or is Tom’s persona so overly feminine that it seems blasphemous to what football is? Is it because he is a spokesperson for Uggs, which are women’s boots that guys apparently wear now?

Is it because when he gets hit, or even close to hit, he whines and complains for a flag until he gets it? Is it because most of the time he has that long, flamboyant hair that has him cocking his head to one side in dramatic fashion to get it out of his eyes? Is it because the NFL has changed several rules over the years because of Tom Brady’s girly complaining?


Is it because he would have never won his first Super Bowl without the worst call in NFL history (tuck rule) against the Raiders in the 2001-2002 AFC Title Game? Is it because much of his success came when grumpy grandpa coach Bellichick was taping other teams, and the Patriots haven’t done well in the playoffs or won a Super Bowl since SpyGate was exposed?


I’m sure fans can pick parts of my reasons for why they dislike Tom Brady. For me, I would have to say it’s a combination of them all. The fact that Bill Belichick is an overrated coach, got caught cheating, and is also quite arrogant adds to my hatred for his quarterback.

People tend to forget that before he came to New England he went 5-11 as the Browns coach, and if it weren’t for the “tuck rule” game I mentioned above, they may have not ever won that first Super Bowl. That could very well have changed the course of the decade for this “unstoppable” team who was only “unstoppable” when SpyGate was still a secret.

I hope I was able to sum-up here why Tom Brady is by consensus an extremely hated figure in the football world outside of New England, where the fans are as equally delusional to these things as apparently Tom Brady is. I will leave you all with one word: Uggs.




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5 Responses to Why we hate Tom Brady.

  • “The fact that Bill Belichick is an overrated coach” REALLY? That may be the most ridiculous statement ever made.

    • Oh really? Did you not see the part about being 5-11 as the Browns coach, most of the Patriots success came during SpyGate when he was CHEATING? What have they done since 2007, NOTHING. The fact that he got caught tarnishes his “greatness and genius” as a coach in my opinion, and we don’t know if the Patriots were really that good or his cheating gave them extra advantages in those years.

      • WHY are people SO STUPID! You IDIOTS that use the “Spygate” as an excuse for your own teams inability to beat the Patriots are MORONS, EVERY TEAM VIDEOTAPED!! EVERY TEAM, the Patriots taped from an area the commish said not to, that is THE ONLY DIFFERENCE, and the team that complained (the jets) were caught by Patriots security doing the SAME thing a couple weeks later, the difference? The Patriots merely escorted the cameraman out of the facility, they DIDNT cry to the commish, also you do understand that after the “Spygate” crap the Patriots only went and won EIGHTEEN STRAIGHT GAMES!!! You guys are morons, no wonder Pittsburgh is such a shit town! You guys are all so idiotic that without the steel industry there is nothing else you apes can do!!

        • Who won the Patriots/Giants game? I didn’t happen to catch Brady’s dink and dunk offense. I didn’t see the defense blow it again. The Patriots are done, they can no longer blow teams out. You call SpyGate an excuse, and that’s fine. But is it a coincidence they haven’t made any noise in the post-season in FOUR years? Every team videotaped every team? Not sure where you got that from. As far as the Patriots playing their best game and the Steelers playing their worst…that’s the dumbest point I have ever heard, it applies to ALL teams. If one team plays their best and another their worst…who’s gonna win? LOL. You’re a typical Patriots fan who wants all the praise when the Patriots are winning, but gets sensitive and defensive when someone dares to criticize the Brady and the Patriots. You’re entitled to your opinion, and so am I, but this imaginary pedestal the Patriots are still on even though they haven’t done anything since 2007 and haven’t won a Bowl since 2005 has go to go. I mean, are you even WATCHING the Patriots games or are you still living in 2005? You can’t sit there and tell me that defense is championship caliber, They conceivably could be 4-4 if Dallas didn’t gift wrap a game for them, you wanna bark out all these facts, everyone saw Pittsburgh dominate them and I don’t care what the score was, and they will do it again. The Steelers can outscore them all day long with that defense full of second stringers. Stop getting so butt hurt because I dared to criticize Tommy Girl, you Pats fans need to realize he isn’t off limits as much as you delusionally like to think he is. I’ve heard people bash on Roethlisberger to no end and I deal with it, how about you suck it up, do the same, and worry about your 5-3 (should be 4-4) record.

  • You are a douche, half you dynasty teams are dead or dying cause the cheated with juice!!! Also your dynasty was done before free agency which make the 9’ers, Cowboys and Patriots runs even more remarkable. Yes the Steelers won last week, yes they dominated, and yes a blind squirrel finds a nut occasionally. Stop with “the monkey off their back” crap, remember they beat the Pats pretty good on halloween weekend a few years ago also, beat him in the playoffs and I will be impressed, until then color me unimpressed, they have the same record, and the Pats have today, then the Jets, then a relatively soft schedule, meaning if they do meet in the playoffs it will be in Foxboro. Also remember this, your team dominated that game, and with 3 minutes left the game was actually still in question, the Steelers played as well as they are capable of playing, the Patriots probably as bad as they can play, and the game was STILL up in the air with 3 minutes left, you know what would have happened if the Pats plaed their best game, and the Steelers played as bad as they could? the game would have been over half way thru the 3rd. You hate brady because he has more titles than the steelers qb, and he is not a rapist. ADMIT IT!

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