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Yankees GM Brian Cashman and son join Bleacher Creatures

  • Jason Whitney

Teddy Cashman, 8 year-old son of New York Yankees Brian Cashman, got to have an experience he’ll likely never forget. Teddy told his dad he wanted to sit in the right-field bleachers and participate in the famous roll call in the first inning of yesterday’s game against the Tigers. What Teddy wants, Teddy gets. Doesn’t hurt having your dad be the general manager of the Yankees either.

Disguised by a visor and fake spiked hair, Cashman and Teddy were in the right field bleachers for the start of yesterday’s game. They both got to enjoy a splendid start by ace CC Sabathia, as the Yanks would go on to dominate the Tigers by the score of 6-2.

Cashman said:

“He is officially a Bleacher Creature, he can tell his friends.’’ 

“It’s a big part of Yankee Stadium tradition.’’

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