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5 New Pieces of Golf Tech to Invest In 1

The golf world moves quickly and there’s a lot of new tech out there that can be used by golf aficionados. We’re here to tell you all about the latest technology that you might want to get involved in.

GPS Hole Finders

If you want to know exactly how far it is to the hole then there are GPS devices to help you determine just that. These viewfinders can allow you to see the exact lay of the land as you’re playing it. While you can look for course information online, this allows you to take all of that information with you as you play.

Fitness Trackers

Golf can be a great way to get active, even walking around the green can burn a lot of calories. If you want to be able to assess just how much exercise you’re getting then these can help. You can watch your heart rate, blood pressure and more as you make your way around the green.

There are loads of these on the market, no matter how much you want to spend. You’ll find something that fits both your lifestyle and your budget.

Live Tracking Systems

You can add these to the end of your club to analyse your swing as you’re playing. This kind of live tracking is really useful if you want to improve as you go. You can use these to gather data on where you need work and where you’re doing well.

Bag Finder

If you’ve splashed out on a nice bag from the likes of TGW then you don’t want to lose it! You can place a GPS tracker into these bags in order to track them wherever you are. It uses Bluetooth to communicate the location to your device, then you can use the app to see exactly where it is.

If you store your kit for long periods of time and tend to forget where, then this will be a lifesaver!

Recording Software

Recording yourself playing this game is now easier than ever! You can use stands for your phone or if you really want to go upmarket, you could use a drone to follow you around the green! This will allow you to see areas where you could be improving while you play.

If you want to, you could also keep this information and share it with a coach. They will be able to assess what you’re doing and give you all of the pointers you need on how to improve. Often when you show a coach how you play, it’s not the way you play after a few rounds or in a natural setting.

This kind of candid look into your game can be really beneficial to a coach to see how you play when they’re not watching you.

There’s all sorts of new tech hitting the golf game on a regular basis and you can really make the most of it. These tech treats might just help you up your game in the future!


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