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7 Ways to Enjoy Life Like a Professional Ball Player 1

Everyone can’t be a pro ballplayer. But we can all enjoy small slices of the lifestyle. You’ll have to splurge a little bit, but what’s life without enjoying yourself? There are moments where it makes sense to spoil yourself.

You can’t live every moment like you’re rich and famous. But here’s what you can do.

  1. Get Some Bling

You can’t be a top rapper or athlete without some bling. Nice jewelry announces to the world that you’ve made it. It also looks great. The styles at can be worn no matter what your usual fashion aesthetic is.

If you don’t want to spend ball-player money on your bling, look for a statement piece. If it’s striking looking, people won’t notice how much it costs. You’ll feel confident whether you spend $5 or $500.

  1. Hire a Chef

Nothing will make you feel more pampered than hiring a professional chef. If you were a real ballplayer, you’d probably have a chef cooking all of your meals. You would be treating your body like a machine that needed precise nutrition to function.

A full-time chef is prohibitively expensive. However, most people can save up enough money to hire a chef for one night. It’s the perfect date night for you and your partner. An elegant dinner at home is far more intimate than going to a restaurant.

  1. Hire a Cleaner

Escaping the drudgery of life is one of the perks of being rich. Join the NBA and you don’t have to worry about doing laundry. You can always pay someone to do it. If you’re responsible for most of the cleaning in your household, give yourself a break every few weeks by hiring a professional to do a deep clean. Even hiring someone to come every few months would take a load off of your back.

  1. Go on Vacation

Americans work too hard. They accrue paid vacation time and never use it. They keep pushing the date back, always intending to go on vacation but never actually doing it. Well, the evidence shows that it’s actually better to take the time off! Your mind needs time to relax. A vacation is a fantastic way to do that.

You can even go on vacation by yourself. Solo traveling can be very safe and fulfilling. Maybe you can’t quite mimic the jetsetter lifestyle but you can make traveling your priority.

  1. Throw a Party

Most people forget about house parties when they get out of college. Yet a small get together at your house is a great way to be social without spending a ton of money. Going to the bar is very expensive. And your behavior is constrained. Hanging out with your friends at your own place can be a lot more enjoyable.

If you really want to feel sophisticated, try hosting a dinner party. They’re inherently elegant. You can have the event catered if you’re worried about cooking. Or ask your friends if they’d be interested in a potluck. To make it part of the ballplayer lifestyle, spring for a few fancy bottles of champagne.

  1. Meet New People

Maybe you don’t have adoring fans to greet, but you can still expand your social circle. Meeting new people is one of the joys of being successful. People are attracted to people who are doing well. You can mimic that phenomenon by carrying yourself well and working through any shyness that might be holding your back. The larger your social circle, the more opportunities that you’ll have in life.

  1. Go All Out

Is there one thing that you’ve been eyeing for a long time? A luxury purse, a new designer dress, an expensive washer and dryer? Pick one item from your dream list and focus your attention and trying to get it. If it’s not a reasonable goal, pick the next one. Keep going down the list until you find something.

When you finally make your purchase and bring your dream item home, you’ll feel accomplished. Not because you now have nice property but because you’ll appreciate its true value.

Spoiling yourself might seem like a crime. We’re programmed to always think about other people. This is a good strategy in general but sometimes you just want to have a good time. You work and you want to indulge some of your tastes. There’s nothing wrong with that. Problems occur when people try to control other people’s desires.




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