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Aggression, strength and skill: The Antonio Silva story 0

Finding a fighter as skillful and brutal as Antonio Silva is a job easier said than done. The 40-year-old has been one of the most popular fighters in the UFC. Since making his professional debut against  Tengiz Tedoradze, a Georgian fighter. He created quite a few ripples in the MMA world after winning the bout by TKO. Soon enough, people started recognising him. With time, he became one of the hottest properties in the MMA world.

19 wins in 31 fights are not enough to highlight the impact he has had. Known for his orthodox stance and heavy built, the Brazilian fighter has quite a few tricks in his bag. He can fight using a wide range of styles, such as Kickboxing, Karate, Shotokan, BJJ, and Judo. 

What makes him so special?

Well, it is hard to pick a single reason. A lot of factors come together to Antonio Silva’s brutal strength. First and foremost, he is someone who lives by the sword and dies by it. The moment he smells an opportunity to attack his opponent, he will grab it with both of his hands.

Brand Antonio

Antonio’s fighting style revolves around one belief,i.e. Fearlessness. His fights are covered with countless traces of blood. There are times when he uses his iconic jab to knockout his opponent. The moment he enters the ring, he wants to attack his opponent. Many believe his aggression is one of his biggest weapons. If you want to see him bringing his opponents down, then get your hospitality packages booked using Tic Flip.

The element of unpredictability

His unpredictability is his biggest strength. He can bear a barrage of punches without getting affected. The moment you think you have broken his back, he’ll punch you right in your face to take the game away from you. He is someone who absolutely loves going bang-bang against his opponents. All of his fights have one thing in common, and that’s aggression. His fighting style revolves around one thing (attack). Popularly known as Bigfoot, the 40-year-old is known for his towering presence and heavy built.

The towering presence of Antonio Silva

At 6 feet 4 inches, he is one of the UFC’s tallest fighters. At times, his muscular built and cold-blooded eyes are enough to send opponents packing. He’s big, he is brutal and he is powerful. You cannot run away from him because the moment he catches you, he’ll tear you down.

He can get a bit carried away at times

Strength,as they say, is a double-edged sword. Not only does it have the ability to bring down your opponents, but can also end up defeating you at times. Antonio Silva, like many other fighters, believes in launching an all-out attack against his opponents. While attack is considered the best form of defence, it might not translate into a positive result on every occasion. There are times when Antonio Silva gets overpowered by his opponents because of his inability to defend the incoming blows. Under such circumstances, he becomes extremely vulnerable.

What does the future have in store for him?

At 40, he is just a pale shadow of his former self. He is no longer one of the UFC’s heavyweights. To make matters worse, his recent returns have been quite disappointing. He has lost as many as five consecutive fights. But some of his fans believe that he is still very much capable of holding the bull by its horns. It will be interesting to see the approach he undertakes in order to arrest the slide.


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