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Betting NFL Teasers 1

If you are a fan of betting on the football games, you must have definitely heard of the ‘Teaser Bet’. This is a kind of bet in the football betting strategy that most people find really complicated but it actually is not. The teaser can be considered similar to the parlays but it is not as straightforward. The similarity is that it involved making multiple selections. For all those who are confused as to how NFL Teaser bets work, let us learn about it in detail.


Some Misconceptions To Stay Clear Of


Before you are planning on betting NFL Teasers, make sure that you do not fall for two very common misconceptions and they are; teaser bet is only for the experienced players and the second is that it is always a sucker bet. The only thing you should keep in mind is that if you pay attention and use the bets correctly, they have equal chances of making you win like any other betting, say in online casinos like .


NFL Teasers in a Nutshell


Teasers are the parlay bets that have a much-modified point spread system. Also, these bets pay lesser than the parlay bets. In simple words, to win in a teaser, you will need both your selections to win so that you will win the wager. So, when betting on a football game, the teasers can be of different kinds. As the person who is betting, you will have the chance to pick the number of teams, the number of points and much more.

So, if we consider a 2-team teaser, your odds will be-


  • 6 points: -110
  • 6.5 points: -120
  • 7 points: -130
  • 7.5 points: -140


For a 3 and 4 teams teaser, the odds are-


  • 3 teams and 10 points teaser: -110
  • 4 teams and 13 points teaser” -120


Now it is important to note that the odds will vary a lot when the number of teams will increase. The odds for two teams are pretty standard and are also considered safe for the players.  

The basic strategy of placing a teaser is that the teasers that fully cross 3 and 7 are the most profitable and give the best odds. Teaser bets can be suckers too if not played with appropriate strategies. Most of the inexperienced punters forget that getting best odds is as much a requirement as fully crossing 3 and 7.

But why the margins of 3 and 7. The reason for this can be taken from the data in the past. We saw that the regular season games that were decided by 3 points and 7 points were only 14.8%  and 9.8%of the times respectively. However, the decisions were made by the range 3-7, 38.8% of the times which means this margin has the highest odds than any other.


The Final Advice


When placing a teaser, make sure that the website is offering consensus prices. It is also important to look at the odds offered by various betting sites before you place a bet. Make sure that the team you are betting on is -7.5 favourite or a +2.5 underdog. The websites with -7 or better and a +3 or better for an underdog is a no bet. However, you can consider the bet when the +3 is priced at -130 or more.



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