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I Can’t Fix My Golf Swing. Now What? 0

If you have been a golfer for any significant period of time, you know how important your swing is. Even the smallest adjustments can make a big impact on your game, but first, you have to be humble enough to recognize the problem.

You can diagnose your problem yourself or have an instructor examine your swing and tell you where you’re making a mistake. Once you know, there is still a lot of work to do. Golf swing training aids and simple technique changes may help you adjust the problem with your swing. Here are the top three problems and solutions.

I’m a Slicer

If your clubface tends to stay open, consider the position of your watch. During the follow-through, your watch face should be pointing toward the ground to ensure the right rotation of your forearms. This will help you close the clubface, eliminating your slice.

As far as fixing this problem with a training aid, try something like the PlaneMate. An elastic band attaches to your club on one end and a belt around your waist on the other. Because it forces your club into position for the downswing, it will make the correction feel more natural over time.

My Alignment Is Off

Alignment problems are among the most common for golfers at every level. To fix your alignment, make sure your feet are not in line with the target but rather parallel to the target. You need to regularly check your alignment to maintain your improved stance.

A piece of equipment like the Stanceliner could be a more helpful and consistent visual cue. It folds neatly into your golf bag so you can line up every shot the same way. Its adjustability makes it perfect for improving your alignment anywhere on the course.

I Need to Work on My Tempo

The tempo of a good golf swing should be a three to one ratio for the backswing to the downswing. To keep the time in your head, you can count to three on the backswing and count one on the downswing. You can also use a simple three-word phrase for the backswing and one short word for the downswing.

A good tempo trainer is the Orange Whip. A flexible rod with a ball on the end, it helps you feel the rhythm of your swing. Keep it in your bag for a quick warm-up before a round.

Golf swing training aids and simple techniques help improve the consistency of your golf swing. Luckily, there are plenty of solutions to any kind of swing problem you may bring onto the course.


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