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The Most Favorite Baseball Teams 28

Baseball is one of those rare sports that are extremely lucrative while being popular in mostly one country. While the sport enjoys some popularity in East Asia, USA is the unrivalled market for this bat-and-ball game. Teams like the Chicago Cubs and the Boston Red Sox are all familiar, but which are the current favourites? If you wish to join American fans in betting on the sport, just surf in and see the odds at redbet. There’s nothing to stop you enjoying the excitement of America’s favourite pastime just because you live across the pond.

A Rich History And Famously Named National League

While baseball is fairly popular in several other countries, it has US culture in its genes. It is derived from a number of different bat-and-ball games originating in England. Some version of the modern sport has been played since the 1800’s in America, where it has evolved to its current form. Its status as a favourite national sport is evidenced by the fact that many amateur players choose to play the historical version of the game, hoping to bring some life to its rich and beloved history.

The national baseball league in the US has an infamously grandiose name: The World Series. While many foreigners believe this to be the result of American hubris and cultural arrogance, the explanation is in fact rather innocent. In the early days of baseball, when the league was founded, it was sponsored by a newspaper named New York World. The league was then called New York World’s Series, which later was shortened to World Series. The PR-savvy newspaper is also credited with being the first to publish a modern crossword puzzle.

Today Baseball Is An Enormous Industry

Baseball enjoys great popularity in the USA and some East Asian countries like Japan, Taiwan and South Korea. Ever since it turned professional in the US, it has been a staple of American culture. This shift from amateur to professional sport happened in the 1850’s. A national league was founded in the 1870’s, and since then, the market of this batting sport has grown exponentially. Last year, the Major League saw record revenue in the order of 10 billion USD. With such commercial potential, there are, of course, dangers.

Professional baseball in the US has been shaken by several doping scandals in later years. Much of this is said to be caused by the money that’s involved in the sport. Being able to perform on what is essentially super-human levels, can be the difference between losing your spot on the team or making tens of millions of dollars a year.

Baseball Is Popular For Good Reason

As with most human endeavours that have undergone such a long evolution, baseball is popular today for a good reason. The sport has survived and even spread the world over because it manages to entertain audiences and players alike. With its great popularity, it has become a business, which of course grows the sport even more. If you enjoy betting, baseball can certainly become your sport, even if you’ve never swung a bat. See the odds at bookmaker, and you might like what you find. Exciting sports often make for exciting betting!

With modern technology, baseball games of the highest levels can be enjoyed live, no matter where you live. This opens up new markets, with betting firms and bookmakers trying to get in on the action. Today, many international bookmakers offer a variety of betting on this very American sport. For new fans, a bet can make the excitement of the game so much greater, even if you don’t have a favourite team playing.


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