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Fitness Gear Gift Ideas for the Athletic Dude 1

Whether you have a coworker, close friend, boyfriend, brother, husband, uncle, or you-name-him, chances are at least one dude you know is into athletics.  If you are at a loss as to what to get him for the next holiday or birthday, show him you appreciate him by choosing among these fitness gear tips designed with the athlete in mind.


  • Athletic Shorts.  Even the laid-back athlete will have a pair or two of running shorts in his dresser drawer (even a couch potato owns basketball shorts).  Encourage him to part with his old shorts and embrace new, clean breathable athletic shorts in a variety of colors, patterns, and styles.
  • Hydro Flask.  Just when you thought we could progress no further in the realm of water bottle technology, enter the Hydro Flask.  This water bottle is vacuum-sealed and insulated to keep your water ice cold, which will come in handy when he trains on those hot midsummer days.
  • Manduka Yoga Mat.  For the yogi dude, get him a mat that lasts. Manduka mats are some of the most popular among mat brands, and come in varying lengths no matter his height. Let him give those hamstrings a stretch on a mat that gives a sturdy grip when the sweat starts pouring.
  • Fitbit.  Fitbits serve a multitude of purposes designed to keep you aware of your body to create a happier healthier you. Fitbits track your physical activity from eating, sleeping, walking, and beyond. For example, you may not have been aware that you are a restless sleeper or that you wake up in your sleep without realizing it.  Knowing this, you can take steps to get a deeper night’s sleep. He has probably been dying to get one.
  • Baseball Accessories.  Is your coworker an avid player in the local softball league?  Get him to swing harder and faster with baseball bats at Baseball Monkey or a handy new baseball glove to bring his team to victory.
  • Compression Shorts.  Any form of compression clothing is meant to improve circulation, keep muscles warm, and provide varying degrees of compression to help prevent injury.  Take a look at any basketball player and you’ll notice long compression shorts or compression sleeves.  
  • Climbing Hardware.  If he likes to climb to great heights, he will be grateful to accept hardware such as carabiners, quick draws, pulleys, belay and rappel gear, and ascender and descender gear that will keep him safe and secure.
  • Insulated Jacket.  Whether he is a mountaineer, hiker, runner, camper, or just a regular dude, he will appreciate an insulated jacket.  Have you ever worn one?  It is a thin jacket filled with down, a material made from goose feathers that naturally traps heat.  Most insulated jackets come with small bags attached in the pockets so you can compress all of the air out of the jacket (that is the trapped heat!) so you can roll up your jacket and store it in a small place.  They are also very lightweight.
  • Tandem Kayak.  Dying to take your beau outdoors?  Get a tandem kayak so you can enjoy your local rivers or coastal waterways.  Even if you have never been in a kayak before, it can be a great way to experience the outdoors with him.
  • Road Bike.  His bike is looking a bit rusty lately.  If he uses his bike frequently, such as on a daily commute or in racing, his bike will wear out fast.  He may need to replace his bike every few years.  Surprise him with the model he will love, and he will have you to thank for every ride.
  • Golf Apparel.  There is hardly a sport more fashionable than golf.  He may not need another set of golf clubs, but you can get him a comfortable and breathable polo shirt designed for the golfer in mind.  You can also go old school and get him argyle socks or a golf cap if that appeals to his sensibilities.
  • The Naturalist: Theodore Roosevelt, A Lifetime of Exploration, and the Triumph of American Natural History, by Darrin Lunde.  Give him the gift that will transport him back in time to take a look at one of history’s greatest explorers, Theodore Roosevelt.  Roosevelt was an avid outdoorsman, football advocate, naturalist, and founder of the first National Parks.  He even believed that football was a natural training ground for the battlefield.  Speaking of sports, Roosevelt once said, “I believe in rough games and in rough, manly sports.”  Can’t get any more masculine than that.




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