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How To Up Your Game As An Athlete To Take the Next Steps In Your Athletic Career 0

A breakout performance can be the wakeup call that an athlete needs that they could be far better at a sport than they thought. Stepping up training for a sport needs to be done in order to continually improve as many athletes hit a plateau at one point or another. Anyone from middle school aged athletes, high school athletes, and beyond can benefit from more targeted training as well as managing factors like diet, sleep, and recovery.

Setting goals needs to be done before anything else as this can help you create a strategy of how to improve in certain areas. Write these goals down as this can act as motivation if the last thing you want to do is run wind sprints to improve your speed for next season. Share your goals with your family so they can help support you in any way possible whether it is rides to games or tournament out of town.

Taking your game to the next level can be quite fruitful whether it leads to admission to college or even a scholarship. Very few people end up playing professionally regardless of their sport but this does not mean it is not a possibility for some talented hard working individuals. The following are tips to help improve athletic performance in order to take their next steps in their athletic career whether it is the transition from middle to high school or high school to college.

Look To Cook ASAP

The truth is that some parents might not know how to cook for athletic performance so learning to cook is imperative. Those who go off to college as athletes with the ability to cook healthy and delicious meals have an advantage over a majority of other athletes. Dining halls can have quite unhealthy food when compared to something cooked at home where you know all of the ingredients put into a dish. Luckily there are plenty of resources online that can help those who have never even boiled pasta or made a scrambled egg. Parents of a high school athlete might also appreciate a few nights a week rest from cooking. Don’t underestimate the importance of being able to whip up a healthy snack instead of ordering delivery where healthy options are limited. A great diet can help you improve as well as recover in an efficient and timely manner. Many athletes have cited improving their diet as a main reason for improvement at their sport as it helps body composition as well as performance daily.

Take Time To Relax In Healthy Ways

College athletes are notorious for letting loose when they have a morning off by going out and partying. There are far too many stories about a middle of the week arrest before a big game in all sports in college. If you are a college athlete opt to eliminate alcohol from your social life as weekends should be used to recover and the week is meant to train as well as study. This does not mean that you cannot go out with friends but avoid using a beer bong every 10 minutes. Doing things like yoga or kayaking can both be great for the body as well as a relaxing time. You would be surprised what something like a spa day can do for you both physically and mentally. Instead of going out partying and spending money spend your money that will make you feel great instead of dealing with a hangover.

Educate Yourself Online

There are so many training videos and workouts online that are sport specific that a person can essentially coach themselves at nearly any sport. If you do not think that you are doing enough drills that emphasize explosiveness during basketball practice then you can do this on your own. Plenty of athletes do more than their coaches require of them as all coaches stress different aspects of sports. Programs that help with vertical leaps can be found online for free so it is not like you have to purchase meal plans or workout programs

Do Not Allow Inferior Equipment Hamper Performance

After all of the hard work that you put in the last thing you want is for equipment to be holding you back. Youth soccer cleats for example are necessary for every level of soccer as are shin guards. Lack of cleats can lead to a person slipping and their performance being impacted in a severely negative way. This does not mean that the most expensive equipment needs to be purchased as there are some brands in every sport where the price and quality do not match up. Spending hundreds of hours practicing should not be ruined by such a manageable factor.

Taking the next steps in your athletic career can be an exciting time so work hard and stay humble. A humble attitude will keep you grounded with your success as well as motivate you to continually strive to improve!


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