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Guide on Choosing a Comfortable Spikeless Golf Shoes 0

There are many types and designs of spikeless golf shoes in the market. It can be stressful finding the Best spikeless golf shoes that are best for you. Golf shoes keep changing and selecting the wrong footwear can cause an impediment to your game. Does your golf shoe make you feel uncomfortable? If yes, then one of the things you are supposed to look for in a spikeless golf shoe is comfort. If you are wondering how you can tell if a spikeless golf shoe is comfortable, then worry no more! We have prepared a guide on choosing comfortable spikeless golf shoes. So, let’s learn!

A comfortable golf shoe whether with spikes or spikeless has to offer stability where necessary. It has to have the ability to handle any harsh conditions.

The Benefits of Spikeless Golf Shoes

  • You don’t have to keep changing the spikes.
  • You can wear these shoes to and from the course.
  • It offers a high level of traction
  • They have wide track rubber sole to promote sturdiness
  • Contains extra padding that increases the level of comfort while golfing
  • Golf shoes are made with Gore-tex lining to absorb moisture hence increasing breathability (no sweating feet)

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Comfortable Spikeless Golf Shoe

1. Budget

The initial factor to consider while purchasing a spikeless golf shoe is to know how much you are willing to spend for the shoe. This will narrow down your options and consequently, it will be easier for you to make a decision. Always ensure that you buy a pair that fits your budget. Do not be fooled by the price as, in most cases, price does not always determine the quality of the shoe or any product whatsoever. Instead, always consider looking at the quality of the shoe you are purchasing.

2. Quality of the Sole

The sole of your shoe should be of high quality. A spikeless golf shoe is all about the sole. A good spikeless golf shoe should have a sole that won’t slip on wet or muddy surfaces. No golfer wants to miss a hole all because of a slippery shoe. This is because; you can waste a lot of energy with slippery feet.

3. Breathability

As a golfer, your feet might sweat. It might really get uncomfortable down there because of the sweat and heat. A spikeless golf shoe with a breathable mesh helps your feet to remain relaxed and fresh even at high temperatures. It enables air circulation which helps to prevent fungal infections.

4. Material

The material used to make the shoe is also an important aspect to consider. There are spikeless golf shoes made of leather while some are made of plastic. Leather shoes are more flexible than the plastic golf shoes. Others are waterproof. If it is rainy, you might consider buying the waterproof product. You do not want wet feet as you try to make a shot. This may feel filthy and uncomfortable leading to a waste of a shot

5. Fitness and Flexibility

A good spikeless golf shoe should fit your feet properly. Your feet should not be left feeling crunched in the shoe. If your shoe does not fit you well, it can leave your feet with a blister. It can get too severe to even play the game. Your feet should also move freely and naturally.

Lastly, do not buy the shoe before you fit. Make sure not to go for style over comfort. At the end of the day, most golfers do not only want a shoe that looks good, but also one that gives them comfort. The next time you go shopping, take note of the tips we provided for you. They will save much of your time and the whole hassle. Remember to always keep your spikeless golf shoes clean after use!



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