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Laser Rangefinders: Conquerors of Golfing 1

Golf has been proven beneficial for your health. On an average golf course, you would walk for about 5-7 kilometers for a round. Walking 18 holes, 3-5 times a week, carrying your clubs will have a considerable impact on your health. You can play golf alone or as a multiplayer. Playing golf helps to ease your stress and increase interpersonal relationships. You get the opportunity to meet new people who can help extend your business or friends’ circle.


You’ll have a good competitive spirit not only to compete with others, but to compete with your own previous best. The must-have objects for golfing include a set of woods and irons, wedges, putters, and a golf range finder. The right pick of clubs enables you to have an amazing golfing experience.

Measuring your field is now hassle-free

The use of the right rangefinder makes your golfing experience hassle-free. Laser rangefinders and GPS devices serve the same purpose of providing the exact yardage to the target, each with its own pros and cons. Rangefinder uses laser technology in its making and is so called laser rangefinder. Global Positioning Systems (GPS) along with pinpointing the yardage, also records the statistics and steps taken. A detailed comparison of these will help you have a better understanding.

Learn how rangefinders work

Rangefinders make use of laser beams. The time taken for the laser beam to get reflected from its target is calculated. This time is used to calculate the distance of the target. The jaw-breaking accuracy of this device to pinpoint the target’s distance can be a huge advantage to the golfer. This is very useful on the golf course to nurture your golfing skills.

The laser rangefinder discharges hundreds of laser beams within half a second to boost the accuracy. Its point-and-click operation makes your game simple by providing the perfect distance to the hole without much delay. All you need to do is make a good swing with your club rather than guessing every shot without a proper rangefinder.

The maximum yardage of the rangefinder shouldn’t be overlooked. Make sure you check the maximum range or yard coverage of your device. In the game of accuracy and precision, you should take extra precaution to double check the accurateness of your equipment, in this case, your rangefinders.

Most of the rangefinder manufacturers claim that the device’s accuracy lies within half a yard. Though this might sound good, it’s advisable to read reviews of the same, by professional users.  Rangefinders come in diverse colors and sizes, but it’s noble to choose one that has a lightweight, portable, long lasting battery life, and most importantly that fits your hands.

You’re free to choose a rangefinder

GPS devices come in different forms, such as golf GPS watches, handheld golf GPS, and smartphone GPS. They’re compact and stylish, available at different prices to choose from. It comes in handy to plan your strategy well in advance and save you some shots with the extra load of information and overhead maps. These GPS devices are faster to be used when compared to the other larger devices. Lots of blind tee shots and playing at a different club is what you expect from a golf course, it’s now made easier through GPS devices.

You don’t want to lose your GPS device when it’s most needed. Laser rangefinders are powered by long-lasting batteries that can be replaced every 6 months to a year. But the same isn’t applicable to your GPS device, which needs to be charged using a USB cable every 2 to 4 hours.

Laser rangefinder overruns the GPS devices

Now you’re be in a better position to choose between laser rangefinders and GPS devices. Even the best golf GPS devices can’t match the accuracy of a laser rangefinder. You don’t have to download new golf courses or pay a regular subscription, which is the case of GPS devices. Without much doubt, golf range finder wins over its counterpart in terms of serving the players fairly.


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