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What You Need To Know About The NFL Draft 0

Are you a huge National Football League fan? Maybe you are just getting back into the sport. Whatever the situation is, the draft is without a doubt one of the most important key moments in the season, if not the most important. This is why it is completely imperative to understand everything you possibly can about the draft and more.

How Assigning The Draft Picks Works

There are currently thirty-two different clubs in the NFL and each one of these teams gets a pick in all of the seven rounds. However, since the numbers of teams in the draft have changed over the years, the numbers of rounds have also changed. In fact, there have been as many as thirty rounds in a single draft before. So, which teams get to pick first and how is that decided? Well, the order of selection is really based on the order in which the teams finished in the previous season. For instance, the first pick of the first round will go to the team that finished with the worst record. This doesn’t quite seem fair, does it? Keep in mind that there are trades that can be instituted.

Understanding The Trades

As mentioned above, once all the draft pick numbers are assigned trades can take place. At this time each draft pick will become what is known as an asset. This is somewhat similar to the online promotions and codes that are given away daily online. You can also find a Virgin Casino Promotional code without much effort. The team’s owners can either select a player that they would like to trade for a higher pick. For instance, if the Super Bowl champs wanted the number one pick, they could entice the last ranked team with one of their best players in exchange for their number one pick. Of course, this never happens, but this is just an example of how a trade can take place.

Trade can also take place any time during, after, or before the draft, as long as they own the rights of the specific players that they are trading.

What Are Compensatory Free Agents?

You have probably also heard about compensatory free agents. What are these free agents and why are they set to different standards than other players? Well, as a bargaining agreement, the NFL can actually assign as many as thirty-two compensatory free agents picks. This was developed to allow teams to fill the void due to free agents that they lose to other teams during a season. For instance, when a veteran player’s contract runs out if he isn’t rehired to his current team another team can easily pick him up. This would count as a loss to that team. Free agents are determined using a very scientifically engineered formula that is based on the player’s salary, the time he plays, and his postseason stats.

At the end of each season the value of a team’s free agents are totaled. If you gained free agents you probably won’t be assigned any compensatory free agents picks in the draft. However, if you lost more free agents than you gained over the season, it is possible that the league will assign you several compensatory picks to compensate for your team’s losses.



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