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How To Pick the Right Camp for Your Child 1

Attending a youth camp is a great opportunity for children to experience independence and have fun with their peers. Many camps also offer excellent learning opportunities no matter the hobby of choice. If you are considering sending your child to camp, keep in mind the tips below that will help you make the best choice possible.

Specialty Camps

If your child has a specific sport or hobby he or she is interested in, your child may benefit most from attending a specialty camp. Specialty camps are ideal for older children who are committed to a specific activity and have expressed interest in pursuing it further. After determining your child’s interests, make sure you do proper research into the different camps available. In order to find the best tennis camps available, for example, you may want to consider the length of program, what your child’s average day would look like and the cost of the program overall.

Types of Camps

For both specialty and more generalized camps, there are different options present in terms of how your child would be attending. Determine whether you believe a day camp or sleepaway camp would best suit your child. Keep in mind the length of the program itself when discussing these options with your child. Some children and parents may be comfortable with a sleepaway camp if the camp itself only lasts a couple weeks. That same standard may not apply for camps that last throughout the entire summer season.

Camp Sizes

Different camps have a different number of attendees which will influence the experience your child has. Determine how comfortable your child is with various camp sizes such as a camp that houses less than 100 youths versus hundreds. Do research into what the ratio is for children to instructor at your camps of choice. Consider what ratio you would be most comfortable with and ensure that your child will have adequate supervision.

Your Child’s Needs

If your child has any special needs, make sure that the camp will be able to address them as they arise. Do research on the camp’s website to ensure that they will be able to provide properly for your child. For questions regarding special circumstances, contact the camp directly via telephone or email for detailed inquiries.

Picking a camp for your child can be an intimidating process. By keeping these key points in mind and going out of your way to determine your child’s wants and needs, you can make sure he or she has a great experience at camp.


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