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If you desire to know how to play pool, there are many ways you can do to learn it. First, you can read some available pool based books or go through online pool table reviews for some knowledge. Secondly, get yourself busy, you can fake it till you make it. There are various pool table shops out there that sell great pool tables. You can decide to buy one for your home or visit a nearest bar that has pool tables. You can, therefore, begin from there by practicing what you have been learning from these books. Just as simple as that and you might become the best player with the coolest shot in no time.

This article lists a few pool tips for beginners.

1. Get Familiar With The Equipment

To play pool, you must use three things in common. Aside from the pool table, there is a cue stick and pool balls. Playing pool will, therefore, require that you follow various rules. Pick the cues tick appropriately so as to be comfortable when striking. A cue stick needs to be at least 57 inches in length. Cue stick length and model vary depending on individual taste. When picking one, ensure that the tip is in good condition as it is what will determine your best shots. Though the tips are in different textures, the medium soft ones are commendable for beginners as opposed to the soft and hard ones. There are various shops online that lists the best pool cues where you can do a review to know what to acquire as a beginner.

2. Master The Language

You cannot play the game without having to master the basic guiding rules. If you consider understanding the rules, then it can be easier to master the pooling tactics. These rules are such as breaking to open the game, and scratch where a player is denied a chance to place the ball in the kitchen.

3. Master The Stroke

The playing position depends on an individual. Placing the stick is also determined by what hand an individual plays with. This in regards to whether one is either left or right handed. So, in this case, to have a great shot, consider holding the base of cue stick with the right hand if you are right-handed and vice versa. You can either rest the stick on your index finger or between your fingers. Either way can work but it depends on what you prefer. In this case, you don’t move your forearm but the back arm so as to push the cue to strike the cue ball. Ensure your eyes are focused on both the cue ball and what you are aiming at. Put our legs at 45 degrees width apart for accuracy while shooting.

4. Focus

In order to make accurate shots, you must learn to focus and tune out distractions. Overconfidence or frustrations should be put aside as you need to focus on getting the best shots. To be a pro in this field, never focus on winning but rather be focused on improving your shots. This way you can be able to make straight and accurate shots and that is what leads to winning.


In summary, playing pool for the first time can be hard and tedious. Considering the fact that you must know the various rules and tactics, one can find it difficult to play it for the first time. However, the moment you get to know the basics, you are in no way going to run away from the fun it comes with playing the pool. From predicting directions to pocketing the balls, it is indeed a fun thing to do during your free time.



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