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Most Popular Off-Season Pursuits of Pro Athletes 0

While pro athletes love the sports that they play and pretty much their entire life revolves around their individual sports, they do have a life outside the game. Or do they? Actually, it has been said, “Once an athlete, always and athlete,” so you can take it from there. What you can imagine is that just about all their pursuits before, during and after season in some way helps to better their personal game. What are some of the most popular off-season pursuits of pro athletes? Here’s a sampling of what you will find if you dig deep enough.


Personal Fitness
In order to stay at the top of their game, most pro players spend a great deal of time at the gym or with their personal trainers. A body can lose muscle mass quite quickly if not worked regularly, so very few pro players spend much of their off-season without giving their bodies regular workouts. From eating healthy diets to exercising, there is little a pro athlete won’t suffer to be ready for the upcoming season.
Competition Is in the Blood
Let’s get it straight right from the very beginning. Athletes are competitive by nature and love the thrill of the win. Indeed, they love to gamble and although it is ‘illegal’ to bet on their own games, they can visit casinos, land-based and online, which they regularly do! This has been proven time and again at all the Vegas casinos that report seeing regular athletes like Michael Jordan, Michael Phelps and Tiger Woods at the tables. While you might not have their kind of money to wager, you can try your hand at the best online slots at Untold Casino online where sign-up bonuses give you free spins of the wheel.
Business and Charitable Endeavors
While a huge number of pro players form their own businesses that become highly successful (i.e. Tony Roma’s in South Florida) a number of others are extremely charitable, and ridiculously so, according to this website. While not pro at the time but an Olympian medalist, the leading all-time medalist that is Michael Phelps, took a $1 million sponsor’s bonus and started a children’s foundation with it. That foundation is going strong to this day and shows just how big these players’ hearts are.
Traveling the World
Oddly, you would think that players like to stay out of the limelight while off-season, but so many don’t mind being out and about with fans around the world. Many like to travel to countries that they wouldn’t visit when on the field or court because their games are not popular there. Athletes do get to play in other countries against national teams, but it’s those countries they wouldn’t normally play against or would like to see more of that consume their off-season days.
If you had to sum it up, you could say that pro athletes do most of everything in grand style. When they bet, they bet big. When they give, they give huge sums to the less fortunate. But when they play, they play for the win and that is what being pro is all about. Play big for the big win. That’s pro sports in a nutshell.


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