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Ronda Rousey To Be The First Woman Inducted In UFC Hall Of Fame 0

Ronda Rousey broke the rules of the game as she was the very first woman that drew in huge crowds in UFC, which is still mainly dominated by man. Now, her contribution to the world of martial arts is acknowledged as she is the very first female fighter in history that will be inducted in the UFC Hall Of Fame.

Rousey’s success came forth breaking walls in a world dominated by male fighters. Dana White was once quoted as saying that women can never fight in the network. This is long time history as White announced Ronda “Rowdy” Rousey is going to join legendary fighters like Chuck Liddell, Matt Serra, Royce Gracie and Bas Rutten as the very first woman to be inducted. All this is actually happening just one year after the remarks made about women not fighting in the UFC. Ronda Rousey became the very first bantamweight women’s champion in UFC history, quickly starting to be dubbed as the “baddest woman on the planet”.

Ronda Rousey quickly started to gain followers because of how she acted and how she fought. She was literally destroying her challengers through Kos and submissions. In many cases the fights were won in the very first minute of the very first round. This was really attractive for men and women, opening the door to so many women that started to chase the same dreams she did.

Although you are most likely never going to be able to bet on UFC bouts featuring Ronda Rousey in the future since she will surely not come back to the UFC, what she did cannot be dismissed. The last two fights in the Octagon for the legendary woman fighter ended up in her being brutally knocked out. The first defeat came from Holly Holm and it was brutal. Then, she ended up being beat by Amanda Nunes, the current women’s bantamweight champion. Rousey did all she could in order to come back in the sport but she was not successful. Even so, the impact she had on mixed martial arts and the way in which women are seen in the UFC is undeniable. Now, the entire MMA community welcomes and acknowledges her for her impact on the sport.

Daniel Cormier, UFC light heavyweight champion, said that from time to time there is an athlete that transcends gender and sport. This is exactly what Rousey did. Joe Rogan also boldly once claimed here is no bigger mixed martial arts pioneer than the Rowdy one.

Rousey issued an official statement saying that her being inducted in the UFC Hall Of Fame is “an immense honor”. She added that she hopes she will be the first in a long line of women inductees. If things continue on the same road, she will surely just be the first.

Now, Ronda moved on to new adventures. She is signed under contract with the WWE, becoming really popular among wrestling fans. If we know anything about Rousey is that she does persevere in everything she does so her professional wrestling career will surely be successful.



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