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Sports Injuries Should Not Be Ignored 0

Sports injuries happen to all athletes in all different types of sports. Wrestling, football, golf, baseball, basketball, and hockey players all suffer an injury at some point. Even the casual game of volleyball or soccer in the backyard can result in a sports injury. The one thing no one can afford to do is to ignore the injury. Athletes need to tend to every ache and pain because their livelihood depends on their ability to play. Citizens who are just playing around should also not ignore their injuries because it can have an impact on their health, work life, and home life.

Take Care Of You

Sports injury treatment is the best defense to an injury. Seeing a sports medicine doctor is your best option and is highly recommended. They see these types of injuries all the time and know the best practices to heal and avoid them in the future. See them, do exactly what they tell you, and you will learn fantastic ways to avoid a future injury and heal well.

Typical Injuries that Happen Often

Some injuries are based on the type of sport. Wrestling and football have a higher chance of suffering a concussion. Baseball and football can see a high occurrence of sprained ankles and broken bones. Play hockey and you are sure to lose some teeth at some point. Other injuries that you are likely to see are:

  • Groin pull
  • Hamstring strain
  • Shin splints
  • ACL tears (in the knee)
  • Patellofemoral Syndrome – when the kneecap rubs the thigh bone repetitively and results in an injury.
  • Tennis elbow

Some of these are just slight twinges that get worse over time. Others are an immediate painful situation that you won’t be ignored. A twinge or not, see a doctor immediately.

Avoid the Injury to Begin With

No one intends on an injury but there are things we can do to prevent some injuries happen. Wearing protective gear is an excellent way to protect the body. Even for backyard baseball or soccer, wear protective gear because accidents do happen. Some sports seem like they don’t have protective gear and yet there are options. Golfing may seem easy and casual but if you have a knee that isn’t aging well, a knee brace would be helpful. Elbow braces are excellent for golfing and tennis.

But it isn’t just about protective gear. The one thing that many athletes know they should do and many in the general public forget, is the warm-up. A warm-up consists of stretching muscles or a low impact use of equipment. Runners, walkers, and golfers would do well to take the time and stretch out their muscles before enjoying their sport. Equipment to warm up with can include a baseball bat, lacrosse stick, or a basketball. Using these items in a low intense manner for just 10 minutes will get your body warmed up and ready to go.

After you complete your sport or exercise, a cool-down is a must. Just as you gently introduce your muscles to being used more than usual, you have to slow your muscles and heart rate down afterward. This could be as simple as just gently walking around while you collect your breath to slowing down your cardio to even out your heart rate.

Injuries happen to everyone, especially when we engage in a sport. Always take the time to learn more about techniques. If you keep swinging that golf club wrong, you could find yourself with a pulled muscle in the arm or back. Making sure your protective gear fits properly will help keep you safe. Don’t forget to take breaks either. Doing too much at once can cause some internal damage that you won’t notice right away. It’s great to get in the exercise but it is also great to rest and allow the muscles to do their thing while resting.


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