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To say that there are 5 Top Pre-gaming rituals is like saying there are top five Sunday dinners to make in a long month with 5 weekends. No matter which 5 rituals are highlighted, one individual or group of people has a counter argument. A more fair and rational way of pointing out pre-gaming rituals is to highlight what some of the world’s most recognized athletes do before entering the arena. And to make things even more inclusive, some rituals of everyday athletes who are just hometown heroes ought to be mentioned as well.

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Many people know about throwing rice at a wedding or tossing table salt over the shoulder if it should happen to spill at the dinner table. The tossing of rice is said to bring good luck while throwing salt over the shoulder is more about avoiding bad situations. LeBron James is known to have a similar routine, that involves chalk dust, which he performs prior to the games he plays professionally. With millions of fans, an obscene amount of money to his name and NBA accolades, the man has good evidence for his beliefs.

When referring to rituals in the United Kingdom, the Haka is always performed by one particular side of the playing field. Is it basically started as a display of bravado to irritate and intimate the other team, but more recently it is seen as a ritual. Its origins can be traced back to the Maori nation of people located on the island of New Zealand. It happens to be an ancient but a little known ritual that shows no sign of disappearing.

It is not uncommon to pray to whatever god or gods that guide you before starting out on a risky endeavor for the sake of safety. However, Curtis Martin has a reputation for taking that ritual one step further by reading Psalms 91 before stepping on the field. The Bible verse is about refuge. Football is famous for its injuries on the field, so this ritual is completely justified.

If the subject of conversation is sports and the good luck rituals that are performed around it, then the fans deserve a mention. Not every sports fan has a ritual and not all rituals are the same. Some rituals are simple and require almost no time at all. While on the other hand, some routines call for disciple like dedication. Simply wearing team clothing to a game or when time allows before the event counts as a sports ritual. This is easily done by using something like promo codes from Sports stores like

Of course, there are still more traditional alternatives. For some individual spectators of sports, they have to sit in the same spot to watch every game and that condition is non negotiable. For other groups of people, they can not see one another 24 hours before their team plays. These rituals and the meaning found in them go on forever and are as old as the institution of sport itself.



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