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Top five athletes from other sports who are great golfers 1

When you think about all the amazing athletes that play sports like football, basketball, baseball, hockey and tennis, it’s easy to forget that many of these same athletes excel in other sports. With the discpline and difficulty level being so high in golf, it’s almost crazy to think an athlete from another sport would have the time to get good at the game. So the fact that any athlete can be good at another sport is quite astonishing. And if you want to be good like the list below of athletes that play golf, than you need to check out Top range golf finders.

5. John Elway

Surprised? Who would have thought Elway would have been good at golf playing all those years in Denver, Colorado? Not exactly the top spot for golfing. Captain Comeback is sporting a handicap under 1.

4.) Jerry Rice

Here is another NFL Hall of Fame player. The best receiver ever can also do another thing extremely well. Golf. Rice has actually competed in tours – not quite duplicating the same success as his football days. However, Rice is known for being a very good golfer in many circles.

3.) Mark McGwire

Not only can Mark McGwire hit baseballs hundreds of feet, he can also do the same with golf balls. One of the best all-time sluggers in MLB history – albeit a steroid user, he is a plus 2.2 handicap in golf. I wonder how far this guy can hit a golf ball?

2.) Brandon Inge

Known for his time on the Detroit Tigers, Inge is one of the most athletically gifted athletes ever. The dude could dunk a basketball, play multiple positions in baseball and was a sick golfer. Apparently Inge can drive a golf ball over 400 yards. Wow!

1.) Tony Romo

Now that Dak Prescott has taken over in Big D, Tony Romo will have even more time to perfect his golf game. He has tried to qualify for the U.S. Open, but like his postseason career, he wasn’t successful. At any rate, Romo can really golf and is one of the best athletes from another sport to take the game up.


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