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Ways To Create The Perfect Sports Den At Home 0

Each year, people in the United States spend $56 billion on sporting events of all kinds, as reported by Whether your favorite sport is football, soccer, basketball, or hockey, fans of teams across the globe prefer to watch their teams play in person. However, since this is usually not a possibility for most, creating an ideal viewing spot at home is the next best option. If you have been considering adding an area to your home that is nearly as good as your team’s home venue, check out three tips for making your dream a reality.

Build an exterior sports “cabin”

Don’t have enough room in your home to build the ultimate sports den? Take it outside! Experts from suggest building a small cabin on your property that you can turn into your own personal sports viewing venue. Even if you don’t have a large property, smaller cabins can be built to a mere 390 square feet. In many cases, this can be an even better alternative to building an addition to your home. Rather than having to hire multiple contractors, and having to secure numerous permits, cabins are often easier to construct. Once you’ve built your cabin, you can fully customize with collected memorabilia, paint that matches your team’s colors, and licensed furniture and accessories from your favorite sports teams. This option provides the ultimate in comfort for both you and the people you plan to invite over for each game.

Renovate your basement

If you instead prefer to build your sports den in your home, one of the best options is renovating your basement (if you have one). Provided that your basement does not flood or have any other existing issues, turning your basement into the ultimate home sports den can be done on almost any budget. If you prefer simple upgrades, you can paint the walls, add furniture, and create a place for you and your guests to quickly grab snacks and beverages (e.g. a mini refrigerator). If you’ve got a bit of extra cash to spend, you can make more significant upgrades. Ideas for these more expensive upgrades include building walls and adding a door (to create a separate room), making an entertainment area with games, such as air hockey and pool, and building a bedroom for those who wish to stay at your home after the game.

Install the right media equipment

Arguably, the most important element of the ultimate home sports den is buying the right media equipment. Being able to view each game on a large, clear television with an incredible sound system is a must. Depending on your space and budget, decide how many televisions you plan to add. You can now purchase two 4K TVs for what one cost just a few years back, so it is now reasonable to consider multiple televisions. Also, determine how large each television should be based on the space in your sports den. Next, do your research on the sound equipment that will be hooked up to your primary TV. From sound bars to installed surround sound systems, there are options that will fit the acoustics of any space.

Even though you can’t make it to every game, watching your favorite teams from the comfort of your own home sports den is just as enjoyable. Take the time to plan out the details and elements that will make your viewing area the best it could possibly be.


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