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The world’s weirdest slots games no deposit 0

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Online slots such as joker123 are fun, unique, and potentially lucrative. Many use fantasy, nature, events, and real-life people to make the games more interesting. Most slots have minimum and maximum paypoutand bet; however, the gameplay and the visuals are of another level. Some online slots themes are outright bizarre. A few weird slot games with no deposit are as follows:

Planet Exotica by Microgaming

Planet Exotica can be one of the most peculiar slot machine games. The graphics of this game simulates a strip club and the extraterrestrials cavort in skimpy outfits when you gamble. If you love online gambling in an unusual environment then this slot game can be for you though the nudity can be quite distracting. This slot game has a bonus round. The bonus round is known as Sneak a Peek. In this around, a stripper arrives and you have to choose tiles, which reveal clothing articles. If you get three matches, this clothing article disappears. You will be knuckled out from the round when you get three bouncers. 

You lucky barstard

You lucky Barstard is a slot game that insults you and uses swearing. This does not make this game less interesting. There is a satisfaction in beating a confrontational slot game. The misspelling of the word “barstard is not accidental, and it is specifically done to give a bra symbol on the slot machine’s reel. Though you may feel insulting, yet, this slot game contains a lot of humor. 


Sharknado is the slot created by PariPlay and it is licensed by Sharknado. It features reels along with pictures of hapless stars, great whites and hammerheads. Here, the shark leaps out of water to take out the annoying helicopter that happens in real life too. Three sharks are animated in the background. The fins of the sharks protrude from the water and they swim steadily.

OMG! Kittens

There are plenty of slots that are based in different internet memes. OMG! Kittens was created to meet those people who enjoy cats, but, cannot abide the smell of their food or their litter or may be their actual presence. There is also OMG! Puppies slots. Kitty Twins is another entry in the subgenre of the cute little kittens. Here, the designers were not clear about dividing a line between creepy and cute. It features kittens with expressions, which can be described as “off-putting.” This slot game challenges you to play while you stare at the eyes of the cat-demons. 

Monty Python’s Spamalot

Sopamalot is a popular musical comedy and the teamsare national treasures. Spamalot is an odd cultural artifact that can theme a slot machine. The game features hilarious animations, songs from a Spamalot musical, and welcome but surprising guests appearance. 

The weird slots are fun to play and often hilarious. The slots range from funny and all the way to creepy and bizarre and the slots are creativity gone wild. Moreover, you have a wide range of choices from where you can choose the want you want.



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