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Analyzing the Pros and Cons of an 18-Game NFL Season 0

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National Football League or NFL will expire in 2021 and its owners are working hard towards reaching a kind of agreement. There are arguments both in favor and against the season. The league, owners, and the networks that telecast pro football games are likely to benefit. More games mean more exposure and more revenue. NFL betting sites will survive a bit more just like the online gambling sites benefit when more casino games such as joker123 are played. 

NFL is a big draw in sports. Pro Football is played throughout the year. It is loaded with many injury news, rumors, and roster moves. Some of the pros and cons of 18-Game NFL Season are as follows:

More games and more injuries

One major complaint against the 18-game NFL is the vulnerability of the players. Adding more means more injuries and this includes the best players. Many big players have been affected by crippling ailments. More games indicate more diving, more running, more cutting, and more tackling. All these put every player at a higher risk level. 

The game may become cheap

Adding games to the NFL schedule tends to make the game cheap. An 18-game NFL can change the way NFL playoffs and its winnings will be approached. Change is always difficult in life and it is much more difficult when you apply it in sports. Adding extra games to a sport that has a long history is a major gamble. Again, it may downgrade the overall popularity of the league.

Saturation steps in

Too much football may turn out to be a bad thing. Though the ratings of NFL are high, it produces star talent yet if there are two additional games, you may watch them a little less. This will make the season longer and the games will become less important. If a star player rests due to it, the games become unwatchable.

More money

For the NFL owner, it means more money. For them, making plenty of money is a much more important factor compared to the above-mentioned reasons. This proposal will have two preseason games, 18 regular games and a format expanding to 14 teams from 12 teams. This means an increase in revenue. 

More excitement

For fans, this proposal is highly beneficial. This formula is very good for fans. It provides you important previews about conference championships and also Super Bowl previews. It is always a treat for fans as they can see some of the best teams. With this format, it will benefit the fans. 

NFL is taking the new route to guarantee Super Bowl rematch annually. It will bring the fans more enjoyment and more money for the organizers. Besides that, the NFL can guarantee playoff rematches when they are not scheduled. All players want a franchise tag if they have to play more games. Players have already stated that they will not be tied in a team that will not meet their demands. 

18-game NFL seasons along with 14 teams in a postseason seems good to some but not to everyone. For the league, the fans, and the owners, this seems to be a great idea but many people may be detrimental to this idea. 



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