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Betting On Sports In Vegas: Consider The Westgate 1

Going to Las Vegas is a yearly occurrence for those that really enjoy betting on sports. One of the largest weekends annually in Las Vegas is the opening weekend of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. The likelihood of upsets with huge payouts happen far more in this tournament than others in college and professional sports. Most people think that by simply going to Las Vegas that their sports betting experience will be similar but it could not be further from the truth. Certain sports books do not have bets on everything while others bet on who will win opening tip or the coin toss when it comes to football.

Your entire trip will be impacted by where you decide to stay as well as where you decide to place sports bets. Most people that are visiting Las Vegas will want to take part in the other great attractions that the city has to offer. The option of staying at your resort and being entertained there is more than just possible at the Westgate Las Vegas.

The WORLD’S  Largest Sports Book

Having the largest wagering menu in Nevada is impressive to say the least with all of the well-known established sports books in Las Vegas. The Westgate offers the ability to bet on an app if you are anywhere in the state of Nevada. This is due to federal gambling laws being enforced as it would be illegal to place or accept bets on the app if an individual is out of the state.

Staff here are extremely helpful as well and can clear up any betting confusion that you might have. Staff is more than willing to do this as the athletes control the fate of your bet rather than other players or a dealer like in a casino. Betting combinations can be quite complicated especially when better on a series of events to happen in a parlay betting type situation.

The atmosphere at the Westgate Superbook is also second to none with a  220 by 18 foot 4K video wall which could be the best place to watch a game in all of Vegas. Combining this with charging stations for your phone means that you do not have to leave before your game ends due to your phone being close to dying. This location being smoke free makes it a much friendlier atmosphere and you can leave without the smell of cigarette smoke on your clothes.

Are You Not Entertained?

The Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino offers the highest quality experience to all of those people visiting. Having the largest sports book in the world does not mean that there are no other forms of entertainment available. Barry Manilow is an example of a performer that will be at the resort until June 2019. There is even comedic relief at legendary comedian George Wallace is a mainstay at the resort. For those people that want to have fun on vacation but also stay in shape there is a state of the art gym available for guest. Renting a cabana near the pool can be a great way to spend the day before going in and placing bets for the night’s games. Of course for those in town for business there is a business center but it is possible to get your professional tasks done and have some fun!

Need To Relax After A Tough Loss?

It is very rare for someone to win every single bet they make especially if it is on sports. The bookmakers are great at understand what type of point spread to bet at times with games ending in a half point win. This can be extremely infuriating especially if a team had covered the spread then you lose the bet due to a player trying to be a hero in garbage time. The answer is not to make a bet on the first game possible after your loss but rather take some time to cool down and relax. The Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino has quite a few amenities including a spa which can be used after a loss or a win.


As you can see the Westgate has so much to offer when it comes to sports betting and so much more. You do not want to constantly have to walk or take a taxi up the strip in order to find a decent sportsbook to place a bet with. Time spent doing this is time that could be spent doing something more fun as you are on vacation. Booking a room at the Westgate is not something that you will regret due to its amenities, performers, betting, and great location just a block off of the strip.


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