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How to Enjoy Free Bets in New Zealand 0


As the online bookmaking industry has expanded in Australia, New Zealanders have shown a similar increased interest in using free bets on their favorite sports stars. Unlike Australia, the gambling laws in New Zealand would seem to emphatically prohibit such activity. However, an understanding of the law is all it takes to clarify that Kiwis are free to bet on sports with legalized sports books in other countries.

New Zealand’s 2003 Gambling Act

Without it being obvious, online sports betting was actually covered with the passing of the 2003 Gambling Act, which was directed at the horse racing industry. Upon closer examination, it becomes easier to recognize that the act actually addresses other forms of gambling such as sports betting, casinos (online and land-based), lotteries, poker and bingo.

As the country’s sole licensing body, the Totalisator Agency Board is responsible for overseeing all gambling activities. Based on the Gambling Act’s content, most enforcement issues are directed towards bookmakers, racetracks and casino owners. What the Act doesn’t call for is the policing of New Zealand citizens who choose to gamble online with gaming providers that reside in other countries like Australia and England. While the regulations do not openly legalize such activities, there is nothing that makes it illegal. Translation: People from New Zealand are free to bet on sports with online bookmakers in other countries.

Where to Wager

In recognition of the Gambling Act as stated, many of Australia’s top online bookmakers are happy to provide wagering access to New Zealanders. Some of the top sites that offer said access include William Hill, Ladbrokes, Betway and Bet365. Additionally, the Totalisator Agency Board runs a legalized sports book in New Zealand under strict guidelines. If punters have any concerns about whether or not a specific online bookmaker will accept NZ customers, they should check with customer service before registering for an account.

New Zealander Access to Free Bets

Unless otherwise specified under “terms and conditions,” New Zealand punters are free to accept the same sports betting bonus offers being advertised for Australian punters. Online free bets bonus offers are a great way to boost one’s bankroll with a minimum of risk. If someone is new to the world of online sports betting, they should be aware that online bookmakers compete for new business by advertising bonus offers to attract business. While a few online bookmakers might offer matching first deposit offers in cash, a majority of today’s sports books offer free bets based on either the punter’s first real cash wager or some matching percentage of the punter’s first deposit.

How Free Bet Offers Work

Once a NZ citizen signs up for an account with a foreign online bookmaker, they will immediately be given access to the site’s current NZ sports betting bonus offers . If the offer the offer is based on the punter’s first real cash wager, the punter will need to make a deposit and place a bet on an eligible market. Once that first bets has been placed, a bonus bet amount based on a predetermined percentage of the first bet will be deposited into a separate bonus bet account. As long as the punter follows the offer’s terms and conditions, said monies could eventually become real cash, which then becomes eligible to be withdrawn.

If the online free bets bonus amount is determined as a percentage, usually 100%, of the punter’s first deposit, the free bet bonus monies will immediately be allocated as soon as the first deposit is credited to the punter’s wagering account. Again, the punter will need to abide by the offer’s terms and conditions.

Hopefully, the information provided above will motivate punters from New Zealand to act today and feel free to sign up for a new wagering account with one of the bookmakers mentioned above. By claiming your free bet bonus, you might find your way to a good time and growing bankroll.


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