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The evolution of esports betting 0

It sounds like a very absurd idea to place a bet on game or on an eSports team who just applies the effort to win the game on a console or a computer if one is not familiar with the eSports industry. However, the time has been very much kind to the industry, and it has progressed by leaps and bounds, gaining such popularity in the process that the idea of placing a bet on eSports does not sound that crazy at all. The eSports industry has progressed naturally like every other sport from just playing to spectators watching them play to making people bet on them. The progression can also be exhibited statistically like in the past 18 months an astonishing figure of 205 million people played eSports competitive titles. The quality and diversity of eSports titles indicate why the people are getting so much involved in the industry.

From the perspective of betting the difference between traditional sports and eSports is negligible although there is a fine line between the two sports for real, regarding wagering the two sports are the same. Almost every betting platform that offers to wager on the traditional sport has welcomed eSports betting with warm hands. One can easily place the bet on the eSports, by simply selecting the team they want to bet on, set your stake and finally place the bet. Moreover, after the dust has settled and you happen to win your money is paid back with an additional sum of your winnings, this happens to be very synonymous with traditional sports betting. The mechanics of placing a bet are similar no matter which sport you are wagering on. Moreover, very similar to money exchange the true fans can bet through skins and cosmetics. Moreover, after placing the bet on, if you win, you will get real cash with extra bonuses.

Introduction to cyber bets

Moreover, the suspicions of rigging and collusion are always there, no matter what the sport is, especially in eSports which happen to be new to the wagering scene. However, on the highest level, at the competitive level, it is not a major problem and can be attributed to the regulations, the code of conduct and rules of the industry. Moreover, players are paid by just staying obliged to this regulation, the question of pride also comes in play, since competing at the highest level the players and the eSports teams want to give all they got to become very best in the game and to exhibit the maximum level of skill and ability.

Moreover, through streaming platforms like YouTube and Twitch you can easily monitor the bet you invested, and if there is any suspicion of collusion then all the cyber bets are declared as void, and your stakes are returned to you. So, betting on eSports is safer, and the chances of matches being rigged are relatively slim as compared to other sports as all the action is played on the big screen.        




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