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What Facilities Should a Sports Centre Have? 1

Most communities will have at least one sports centre, as the majority of people enjoy regular sessions of their favourite sport, yet a community sports centre cannot cater for every sporting person’s wishes. In order to best cater for the local community, a sports centre should have the following facilities. 


  • Full Gym – This would include a range of weights, both with dumbbell and barbell formats, plus a selection of weight training machines with adjustable weights. Running machines would be a welcome addition, for those who like jogging in a secure environment, plus a selection of medicine balls for building specific muscle sets.



  1. Changing Areas – Obviously, there should be two main sections, for men and women, each with their own shower rooms, lockers and seating. Many sports facilities regularly require bathroom renovations, as these areas are frequently used, and they would call in outside contractors to carry out such work. Saunas are also very popular and many facilities would offer this service for their members, with separate sections for male and female.



  • Indoor Sports – 5 a side football is a very popular sport, and there should be an indoor area that could be used for basketball, badminton and soccer, while this section might house apparatus and mats for gymnastics and maybe martial arts.




  • The Swimming Pool – Most sports complexes will have an indoor pool, which would be one of the most popular facilities of the centre. The pool would likely provide most of their revenue and would be costly to run, with pool maintenance and lifeguards on duty at all times. Competitive swimming could also be a part of the centre’s activities.




  • Bar & Leisure Area – This would typically be a major revenue for the facility, and would probably be run by a third party. Expect to see a number of flat screen TVs showing sports of all kinds, with some entertainment machines in the corners and a very long bar area. This is very much where the community social interaction takes place and there could be many members, plus the area might be open to the public. The sports complex would rely heavily on regular patrons, and like any business, they are looking to make a profit, with a membership system that allows members to bring along guests.



Outdoor Facilities – Of course, every sports centre would have outdoor facilities, such as a running track with a range of athletics amenities. Tennis courts are another obvious attraction, and most sports centres are customer driven; with facilities that are popular with the local community. Cricket is another very popular sport in Australia, so expect to see some nets and maybe they would have a cricket pitch and play competitive matches.

Each sports centre would primarily cater for the local people, and you can expect to find that many local sports team use their sports centre as their base, possibly playing home games there. If you live in an Australian suburb, there would likely be several sports centres within comfortable driving distance, each offering a variation.

Your local sports centre provides essential services to the local community, and it relies heavily on membership and will very much cater to the needs of the community.



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