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Skateboarding involves movement or performing tricks using a skateboard. It is an action sport, which most people engage in it as a recreation activity. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) recently declared skateboarding a sport and voted to include it in the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. Men and women will have the chance to compete with about 80 skaters involved. Skateboarding is endearing to young people since most of them participate in it hence the Olympic Committee’s motivation behind their decision is to draw a young audience. Other people are finding it hard to accept the inclusion of skateboarding in the Olympics. They feel like this reduces the fun in the game and gives people a chance to corrupt it. According to them, the true spirit of the sport should remain.

History of Skateboarding

The first generation of skaters represented misfits and outcasts. People who did not have the backbone or energy to participate in actual sports, loners who spent their time skating. For most of the early skaters, skating was an identity, a lifestyle, an obsession and a form of art but not really a sport. It was not really a competition; anyone could participate in skating, which encouraged creativity and individualism. Skaters developed tricks and skating routines as a way of refining their style. Nevertheless, there were freestyle contests organized among skaters for the fun of it. This made skating popular in the 80s, since then skate parks began to pop up around the world in places like Denmark and Copenhagen, and there was a rise in the number of youngsters who bought skaters.

Skateboarding Today

Skaters participate in a contest series called street league skateboarding which involves skating through parks designed for skating with judges measuring their movements and the consistency of their tricks. The design of the parks resembles those spots in the streets where people love to skate. The difficulty with the contest lies in the fact that skaters will not be able to have enough time to come up with multiple tricks in a single run and maintain consistency at the same time. Nyjah Huston is the skater with the best tricks more like Michael Phelps in the swimming sport. His amazing tricks have found their way to be the standard measure of skating tricks hence the Olympics would derive their score sheet from this. This would not only deny other skaters a fair chance due to the difficulty of the tricks but also make the game lose out its style element. You should visit to check out different skateboards for your home or professional skateboarding.


In conclusion, skateboarding is more than just an outdoor gig or neighborhood contest among kids. It is a sport like any other because it involves mastery of style and creativity. Kids who participate in this sport should not just remain misfits and outcasts but should get a platform to display their craft and earn from it. The Olympics should not discourage skaters but should open possibilities for them to choose to engage more in skating and develop more creativity so that the bar set by the Olympics does not just stay raised but goes even higher.



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