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NCAAF Profiles: Arkansas Razorbacks 0

When browsing through the college football lines and odds, there are a few teams you should pay close attention to – and one of them is the Arkansas Razorbacks. 


This team is often one of the top NCAAF favorites so if you want to learn more about the Arkansas Razorbacks, check out this profile of the team and its rich NCAAF history.  This way, you can make better-informed bets and wagers in future NCAA football seasons.

About The Arkansas Razorbacks 

The name  Arkansas Razorbacks is used to refer to the athletics teams which compete in intercollegiate events and leagues, each representing the University of Arkansas. 


The University of Arkansas is based in Fayetteville and prior to being known as the Arkansas Razorbacks (or ‘the Hogs’ in reference to the school mascot), the team was formerly known as the Cardinals in 1910. The name was changed to Razorbacks in reference to a quote from their former coach Hugo Bezedek, who claimed the team fought ‘like a wild band of Razorback hogs’. 


The athletic teams have been known by the name since and judging from their performance in the National College Athletic Association, the name was well earned. 

History Of The Arkansas Razorbacks

The Arkansas Razorbacks football team was first formed in 1894 but would not be called the Razorbacks until 1909. 


The team was known for its vigor and determined style of play and went on to defeat other powerhouse college football teams in 1909. They were the only team to win over Texas A&M in their 1910 season, and in 1915, they joined the Southwest Conference as charter members. In 1920, they started their first winning conference record and finally won the conference championship in 1936. 


The Arkansas Razorbacks would remain in the Southwest Conference until 1991. Under head coach Frank Broyles, the Razorbacks grew to become a powerful national team that won numerous conference titles and one national title. The team won landmark victory after landmark victory, with a few devastating losses thrown in. Broyles would later become university’s athletics director, have some frosty relationships with future coaches, and today is still regarded as the best coach the Arkansas Razorbacks ever had.


After 1992, the Razorbacks switched to the Southeastern Conference and are still affiliated with the conference at present. There they formed new rivalries, started new records, and kept a high win-to-loss ratio of 702 to 508. 


So, historically, the Arkansas Razorbacks are a very successful team but they also have not had an era so successful as the 1960s and 70s under head coach Frank Broyles. 


The Arkansas Razorbacks have formed a couple of hot rivalries over the years with many different NCAAF teams. 


Their oldest is with the Ole Miss Rebels team from Mississippi. These two teams have classed many times, twice in the Sugar Bowl, and have played against each other annually since 1981. Tensions really heightened when Razorbacks’ coach Houston Nutt resigned in 2007 – only to start the same job with Ole Miss. 


The Razorbacks have also formed a rival with the LSU Tigers after joining the Southeastern Conference. Each time these two teams have come together, one walks away astounded at the other’s performance. They end each other’s streaks, win stunning victories, and perform miracles to snatch victory away from the other at the last moment. 


Prior to joining the Southeastern Conference, the Razorbacks also held rivalries with Texas and Texas A&M. However, it’s been years since the Razorbacks have come toe to toe with either of these teams. 

Awards, Honors, And Hall Of Fame 

With over a hundred years of seasons and games, it’s no surprise that the Arkansas Razorbacks have a wide range of awards, honors, and dozens of players and coaches inducted into various Hall of Fames. They have won a total of 13 conference titles, 4 division titles, and one claimed national title in 1964. 


The awards accrued by players include the Burlsworth Trophy, the Hew Award, the John Mackey award, and the Outland Trophy. The team also has a bunch of coaching awards under their belt with the AFCA Coach of the Year Award awarded to Frank Broyles in 1964, and twice have won the Southwest Conference Coach of the Year award with Frank Broyles in 196 and Ken Hatfield in 1988. 


There are a total of 15 inductees in the College Football Hall of Fame with ties to the Arkansas Razorbacks. These include coaches such as Hugo Bezdek and Bowden Wyatt, but also players such as linebacker Ronnie Caveness and Wide Receiver Chuck Dicus. 


There are also five inductees in the Pro Football Hall of Fame including Lane Alworth who was the Razorbacks wide receiver between 1959 and 1961, and defensive lineman Dan Hampton who played between 1975 and 1978. 

In Summary – The Arkansas Razorbacks Today

The Arkansas Razorbacks still fight hard to uphold their team’s impressive reputation to this very day.  


They finish each season with a long streak of wins (and some depressing losses) but it’s common knowledge that when the Arkansas Razorbacks play, it’s sure to be a tough game to watch. 



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