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State of Play in The US Online Casino Industry 22

Online gambling regulations in the US are quite complicated as different states have unique laws dictating the local wagering norms. Amateurs looking to participate in online gambling sessions must be aware of the legalities and the latest changes to the lawbooks.

At present, six US states have legalized online casinos, namely Michigan, New Jersey Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Delaware. In order to legally wager at an institution based in any of these states, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with the local laws and the individual Terms and Conditions. Visit Casino Bee for the latest online casino news.

An Amateur’s Guide to Legal Online Casinos in the US

  1. New Jersey –The current king of online gambling in the States. New Jersey is home to over 20 online casinos apart from a range of sportsbooks. New Jersey legalized online gambling back in 2013 and the operators started mushrooming soon after. The state’s total revenue from online gambling in 2019 was $482.7 million, while online sportsbooks generated an additional $300 million.
  2. Delaware –The first state to legalize online gambling in the US, Delaware’s three existing physical casinos were the first to obtain permission to start online operations back in 2012. Despite the limited market size, Delaware generated $3.3 million in revenue at its peak, although, the figures have dropped since then.
  3. Pennsylvania –The third US state to legalize online gambling back in 2019. Over a dozen operators have sprung up since. Needless to say, the PA market is nascent compared to the other two previously discussed. However, the state generated $33.5 million in online gambling revenue last year, with $20 million arriving from video slots. The experts are hopeful of an increase this year.
  4. Michigan –One of the latest to join the club, Michigan is set to get its first online sportsbook in early 2021, although, there is no word on online casinos. However, the state has huge potential as there are over 20 physical casinos in Michigan.
  5. West Virginia –The state legalized online gambling in 2018 and currently operates three sportsbooks. Five news casinos are expected to go live in the state by the end of 2020. The future looks promising for gambling in WV.

The Quirks and Features of Online Gambling

According to the regulations, operators are only allowed to cater to customers present within the state. You don’t have to be a resident to take part, but need to be physically present within state boundaries at the time of wagering.

Online casinos track real-time location using the player’s IP address and GPS when browsing from mobile devices. While players are required to download and run a GPS app on their computers if accessing from the desktop.

Online casinos and sportsbooks follow the strictest security measures to protect the clients’ personal and financial data. End-to-end data encryption and firewall are a must for online operators. Furthermore, every online casino must follow the local law to the tee.


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