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How To Stop Your Betting Account Being Closed Or Limited 6

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Bookmakers are always on the lookout for gamblers with winning streaks. In order to avoid losses, bookies sometimes need to take drastic measures. These measures include closing or limiting the accounts with consistent wins. In many cases, it is extremely difficult, if not impossible to entice the bookie to remove the restrictions or reopen your account. So, you must try to prevent this from happening before it does. Below, you will discover a list of tips to help protect your betting account.

Stay Under The Radar

The desire to win can push gamblers into taking drastic actions. Yes, winning feels good but too much may not be a good thing in the eyes of the bookies. Winning too often is a red flag for bookmakers. And, you definitely do not want to be on the bookies’ radar. As much as you enjoy winning, it is best to take a few losses. Now, this does not necessarily mean that you should go out to lose. No, it only means that you should place long shot accumulators with small stakes on a regular basis. This will help keep you under the radar and avoid getting your account limited or closed.

Use An e-Wallet

Veteran punters recommend utilizing e-Wallets to make deposits and withdrawals. Doing so will be in favor of the bookmaker because the transaction fees are lower than those charged by credit card companies. It is unclear whether or not bookies look at this when they are considering trading an account. However, it is a fact that bookmakers are favorable to paying lower transaction fees. So, this could help keep your account safe. And besides, it never hurts to utilize several payment methods when it comes to betting. Online casinos, such as Sbobet Mobile, have a diverse payment system.

Spread Your Bets Around

Many gamblers like to wager large amounts of money when betting on specific sporting events. While there is nothing wrong with this, doing it too often could get your account flagged. You can still have a large stake even if you choose to spread it among several bookmakers instead of one. Spreading your stake around could help protect your account from getting flagged.

Don’t Win Too Much


No one wants to hear that they should never win too much in terms of a casino visit. One would probably not think that a casino or bookmaker will close their account for winning too much, but this is one of the well-known reasons for users getting their accounts banned. When you’re on a winning streak it might be hard to stop, but you have to think that the casinos closing your account after winning too much might be a good thing. How many times have you been on a streak only to find out that before you knew it, you were in the hole? When you hit a huge jackpot step away from the tables and find some time to gather yourself or at the very least go visit another casino.

Don’t Abuse Free Offers

It is true that sportsbooks and online casinos offer tons of bonuses. When signing up with a provider you will be offered everything from a no deposit bonus to free spins. That being said this does not mean that the providers want you to abuse these offerings and they will cancel your account if you do so. These promotions are specifically designed to draw in new customers and bring back old ones. You have to make sure that you are betting on other games or offers that are not tied to a bonus offer.



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