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Top Beer Shirts You Can Actually Still Wear After St. Patrick’s Day 1

Everyone is looking for St. Patrick’s Day gear this time of year. Spend a few minutes searching Amazon for “St. Patty’s Day clothing” and you’ll quickly get pulled down the rabbit hole. From hats to socks, and everything in between, you’ll discover everything from the ridiculous to the obscene.

But if there’s one item more tacky than the rest, it’s beer t-shirts.

[Can I insert picture here of smattering of tacky shirts?]


So, before you spend any hard-earned money on a “I ☘️ Beer” t-shirt that you will only wear once a year, check out these more refined options that you’ll actually be proud to own.


  1. Guinness T Shirt



It’s one of the world’s most loved beers and it’s about to become your favorite t shirt.


There’s a reason why the Guinness brand has thrived around the globe for over two centuries. The timeless brand represents style and quality, but also a way of life celebrating a little wit and good humor along the way.


This Guinness t shirt brings their iconic stout to the forefront in a stylish way that is sure to be a conversation starter. The classic Guinness Gaelic label is screen printed with a distressed look to convey a more authentic and mature style. For a beer rooted in so much history, there’s really no other way to wear it.


Cheers to impressing your friends for owning a beer shirt written in Gaelic too!


2. Coors Banquet Vintage T Shirt


The brand has changed a lot over the years, but the distinct, cursive font of Coors is still one of the most immediately recognizable emblems to beer drinkers around the world.


With a vintage Coors Banquet logo printed on a heather blue cotton/polyester blend, this t shirt is cooler than the Rockies.



3. Classic New Belgium Logo T Shirt



New Belgium beers have become a lot more mainstream in the past decade, but their legendary Fat Tire brew will forever be a pioneer in the craft beer industry.


Celebrate the employee-owned brewery’s humble origins with this simple logo print on black. Designed to be worn casually, nobody will fault you for wearing this out on bike rides.


4. Hamm’s Throwback


Sometimes you’re just in the mood for jeans and a white t shirt….with a giant can of Hamm’s on the front.


Make your grandpa proud with this throwback to simpler times. No matter how many generations pass, the Hamm’s beer can lives on for its ability to deliver on nostalgia of time gone by. And much like the ageless brand itself, this shirt is sure to be a crowd pleaser.


5. Sam Adams Henley T Shirt



Is there anything more New England than a Sam Adams shirt? This long-sleeve henley is perfect for those brisk autumn days when the brewery’s classic fall lager is in full production. And because these shirts are worn by the brewers themselves, you know they are built to last for many seasons to come.


6. Tiger Beer T Shirt



Defy expectations and proudly display the groundbreaking Asian beer drunk by millions of world travelers on your chest.


While the beer itself may not win many taste tests, the company’s long history of overcoming odds on its rise to a pop culture icon has made this shirt worthy of a spot in any beer drinker’s closet.



7. Pliny the Elder


Easier to find than the brewery’s vaunted IPA, this branded tee pairs well with any outfit. Show off your sophisticated beer palate by wearing the award-winning beer company’s logo front and center.


Now, if only you could get your hands on one of their IPAs to go with it.








8. Grapefruit Sculpin T Shirt

Bring those good beach vibes with you wherever you go with a Ballast Point t shirt. This shirt celebrates the popular San Diego brewery’s outrageously refreshing Grapefruit Sculpin IPA with a colorful design that looks great with a pair of jeans or a pair of boardshorts.






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