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What is Happening with Ben Simmons and Philadelphia 76ers? 1

If there is one basketball player everyone is talking about right now, it is Ben Simmons. While he was a player that a lot of Philadelphia 76ers were excited to see on their team, the three-time NBA All-Star has brought nothing but drama with him. But, if you have not been keeping up, you may be wondering; what is going on with Ben Simmons and why is he not playing with the team? Let’s take a closer look at what is going on with this story.

The Latest on Ben Simmons

 The latest game for the Philadelphia 76ers was against the Detroit Pistons. They won the game, which was a great moment for the fans. But, something that overshadowed this victory was finding Ben Simmons. He was not present at this game and the player was fined $360,000 for missing it, which is his game salary. Why did this happen?

Earlier on in the season, Ben Simmons had his money withheld by the Philadelphia 76ers. It was held in an escrow account and he was only going to get it if he was cooperative with the team. This money was released, but problems seem to be continuing for the star.

It is believed that Ben Simmons has been showing up for some basketball training with coaches, as well as playing with some teammates. However, there are other elements he is not participating in, including film study and strength training. If you were a sports bettor, you would want Ben Simmons to be playing right now for the Philadelphia 76ers. The team is playing well and you would think they would play even better with him in the team. But, it is unclear when or if this will happen. Click here for the best NBA betting lines in Pennsylvania if you still want to bet on ‘will he, won’t he’ play or how the team might fare in their upcoming games.

 According to Ben Simmons, he has said that he is not mentally ready to continue playing basketball right now. It is thought that the player has received assistance regarding his mental health. But, there is not a lot of information available about this. He has sought treatment from the team doctors for a back element, but mental health assistance is outside of the organization.

What is Next for the Team and Ben Simmons?

 Mental health is something that should be taken seriously. But, the problem that is happening with the Philadelphia 76ers is that they are not being kept updated on Ben Simmons. He may be having complications in his personal life. This seems to be affecting his professional life too. But, the organization is being kept in the dark about his progress and what his future will be with the team.

 Nobody is sure what the future is going to hold for Ben Simmons and the Philadelphia 76ers. He is a big player that has four years left on his contract. This is worth $147 million for the player. Ben Simmons has requested a trade and it appears like he no longer wants to play for them. But, we will have to wait and see how this one progresses.




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