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Can a 45-Year-Old Tom Brady Still Win The Big One? 0

Over the past couple of decades, no one has been able to shift the NFL odds quite like Brady. We have been thinking a lot over the last 5 years about when Brady would actually leave his playing days behind him. 

However, even when he said he would retire, he came back. After the 2021-2022 Super Bowl, Brady left, claiming retirement, but that did not exactly last long. He was soon back and ready for more. 

We have to wonder what he is thinking. 

Truthfully though, Brady knows what he wants. He wants to leave his career with not 7, but 8 Super Bowl Rings to his name. Can he do it? 

Past Brady

We all know that Brady has been, undoubtedly, one of the GOAT to be in the NFL, and he carries such an incredible influence on the field, even now at 45 years of age. 

Tom Brady has 7 Super Bowl rings, which is a record already, however, he wants to win, just one more time. 

He was patient when he began his career. He was a backup to Drew Bledsoe in his rookie year, but injuries granted him opportunity, and he never looked back, and over and over he gave his team wins. 

He knows how to take over a game, and how to set up a legendary defensive game, and we are still seeing this now in his play this season. 

He has been an NFL icon for years, and has won many games in a plethora of ways over the years. But it is his desire to win that really towers above all else in the NFL.  

A Desire To Win

In 2017, we saw his sheer desire to win. It is that mentality of his, when the odds are all against him, and he just… won. 

In that 2017 game, he saw the Pats being down at 28-3 in the third, but his mentality, his desire to win inspired his team to keep going and to win. 

He launched a touchdown pass, and then another, and another, and another, you get the idea. The gap grew smaller and smaller, and eventually the Patriots went home with 34-28 against the Falcons. 

Brady just does not give up, it is his desire to win that makes his game golden, and this is exactly why he is back. 

Can he do it again? Maybe, many of us worry that he has age against him, and while he is one of the oldest players to ever grace the football field, his mentality is unique. 

It would not surprise most of us if he simply willed one final big win. 

Recent Brady

Still doubtful? Understandable. 

But, he is the quarterback with the most trophies, leading almost every line in every record book. He has hunted down and taken victories and marked non stop. However, he does have a few more records to break still. 

Which is probably exactly why he decided to come back, even after he resigned in February. 

He is also the first ever player to make 100,000 passing yards. 100,000 is a big number no matter what you are talking about, but in the NFL 100,000 is a massive number. 

When Brady came into the league the most passing yards to a quarterback’s name was 65,871 by Dan Marino. 

Before the 2022 kickoff, Brady had 84,520 in a season and 13,045 in the playoffs. So, he only needs 2,431 to reach 100,000. Which is very likely. 

But if we consider what he has shown us this season so far, remember he is already following a pretty awesome season last year, he had 5.36 passing yards. He made 43 touchdown passes, with 2 more than Stafford, and 5 more than Herbert. 

He changed the whole game for the Buccaneers when he joined that team in 2020. But what is even more crazy is that even though he has only played with them since 2020, he could very easily become the team’s all-time touchdown leader! 

So, can a 45-year-old Brady make one final ‘Big One’ to end his career? We think so. It is totally possible. 

Buccaneers So Far This Season

If you still don’t totally believe us, consider this year’s games so far. Brady and the Bucc’s are also doing really well and are showing us plenty of proof that they have the potential to take it to the Super Bowl this year. 

They have had a fairly up and down season thus fear. By October 3rd, we have seen 4 regular season games with the Buc’s, they have won half of these games, one against the Cowboys and another against the Saints. Obliterating them. 

However, they also lost to the Packers, by a tight 2 point margin. However, on October 2nd, they lost to the Chiefs, by 10 points in a game that ended 41-31 in favor of the Chiefs. 

So, it is possible that Brady can bring it home at 45-years-old, however, this season looks a little shaky so far. 



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