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NFL Profiles: New York Giants 2

What there is to know. 

When 2021 came to an end, most of us held hope for a better year, perhaps making some New Year’s resolutions. But, for fans of the NFL, it only brought one thing closer, the Super Bowl. 

Eagerness to see who will take home the trophy this year, to know who we will see at the Super Bowl, and what to expect from that final game of the season, it’s all so exciting. 

There are so many candidates for the Super Bowl this year, even in January, we cannot guess who it will be. It’s a close call this year, with so many teams doing so well. 

For NFL bettors, too, it is not easier. Looking at Super Bowl LVI betting odds is fascinating at the moment, and you rack your brain trying to figure out what is the best bet. Is it likely the Giants will be there? 

At the moment, not so much. But, let’s give you a little more information on the Giants because the Giants still have much to offer. While they haven’t quite done as well as other teams like the Buccaneers, or the Cardinals, or even the Packers, they have much still to offer, and we may still see them at a Super Bowl yet. 

So, what is there to know about them? Well, they were formed in 1925 and joined the NFC in 1970 during the merger. They have a total of 8 League championships, four being pre-merger, four post-merger. The Giants have made 11 conference championships, and 16 division championships, with 32 playoff appearances. However, we haven’t seen them make a division, conference, or league championship since 2011. 

History of the New York Giants. 

We could take you all the way back into their history, to when the Giants began, but we know you want to know the recent Giant’s gossip. Any fan wondering when they will make a comeback, also probably wants to know what went wrong after 2011. Many will already know what went wrong, but if you don’t, buckle up. 

You see, in 2004, Tom Coughlin became the Giants head coach, and in 2008, the Giants made one of the biggest upsets in NFL history, led by Eli Manning. The combination of Manning and Coughlin was what really made the Giants from 2004 until 2011. 

The Giants beat the previously untouchable New England Patriots (led by Brady at the time) in that game, which caused absolute bedlam, no one expected it. This led to quite the ruckus, and the Patriots were no longer seen as the untouchables they had previously been. 

Then, after this astounding feat, they had a two-year drought when it came to the play-offs, but, in 2011, they gathered their guts, and made it to the Super Bowl again. Once more, they proved that the Patriots were not gods when they defeated them once more with a score of 21-17. 

However, this was when things went sour. After these two epic Super Bowl wins, unexpected ones at that, they posted nothing but mediocrity after this, for four years! It was after this that in 2015 Coughlin parted ways with the franchise. 

Yet, in 2016, an improvement in the defense led to them posting an 11-5 record back in 2016, which finally got them back to the playoffs again. Sadly, though, they no longer had that special touch, and they lost their opening game. 

While it was a short-lived victory, it was certainly the best they had seen in years. But, it always gets worse before it gets better, and the year later the team suffered a mirage of injuries among their players. This cacophony of injuries was what ended up in the team posting the worst record in the NFL for that season at a shocking 3-13. Wowza! 

Since then, we have not seen much improvement, and they have not really bounced back yet. Of course, each team ends up having their time in the spotlight, we just hope that those wins against the Patriots in their prime was not it. They deserve another chance. 

How Are They Doing In The 2021-2022 Season. 

So, are we seeing any signs of a comeback? Hmm, not quite. When we look at the regular season stats for the NFL 2021-2022 season, we are seeing some epic win-loss rates, but the Giants are not up there. 

The Packers, Buccaneers, Cowboys, and Chiefs are the top franchises for the regular season, while the Giants have only just avoided a repeat of their worst-ever record. 

They have posted a 4-13 win-loss rate this season, this is actually down from last year when they had a win-loss rate of 6-10, and even down from 2018 when they had a rate of 5-11. 

We are not likely to see them in the playoffs this year, but maybe they’ll bounce back soon! 



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