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Terrell Owens is currently a free agent. For the first time in his career, though, it looks as though no team is interested in adding the veteran wide receiver to their squad. Owens is a fighter though, and he hasn’t given up hope of rejoining the league quite yet. He even seems like he has a few well known quarterbacks on his side trying to help him out. According to, TO joined in a workout in San Diego today with quarterbacks Drew Brees and Carson Palmer as well as young Saints quarterbacks Chase Daniel and Sean Canfield and not-so-young Raiders quarterback Kyle Boller. writer Daniel Jeremiah first broke the news on twitter.








Later, the workout was confirmed by another tweet from Chase Daniel, who said that Sean Canfield, Darren Sproles, and himself were also in on the action today as well.








Take this with a grain of salt, folks. Although intriguing to think about, one workout doesn’t mean that Drew Brees is 100% lobbying for Terrell Owens to join him in New Orleans. At this point, it could mean anything. This is simply something to keep your eyes out for. What do you think? Is this the start of a beautiful friendship down in Cajun Country? Or is it just speculation and hype?


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