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After several years of being the national spotlight for a horrific crime, the NCAA finally appears to be ready to absolve Pennsylvania State University to some extent, and move on from the Jerry Sandusky abhorrent and unforgivable crime.  The NCAA announced today that the 112 wins that legendary head coach Joe Paterno had stripped from 1998 – 2011 will be reinstated.  This gives him 409 wins, the most of any FBS/1A coach in history.  The restoration was not lost on the Penn State hockey team, who wore the number “409” on their helmets in Friday Night’s tilt against Big 10 rival Michigan State (via PSU Hockey Instagram  via Sports Illustrated)


During the worst times, Penn State head coach Joe Paterno was stripped of over 100 wins over a decade as punishment for complicit behavior for his top assistant.  Most thought that JoePa was guilty of being too trusting if nothing more, but the seriousness of the crime was too much to overlook when it came to instituting justice.  Earlier this year, Penn State was made bowl eligible again for the first time in three years.  Scholarship reductions are coming back.  And now Paterno sits on top (officially) of all college football coaches.  While it is a horrible chapter for the university, the NCAA appears ready to move on as Penn State has been for some time.

– David Whitlock

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