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If you want to be king of the fantasy golf course this year, there are some key players to watch. Whether you’re looking for big drivers or skilled short gamers, golf’s fantasy lineup is strong. Here are eight of golf’s top fantasy players for 2015:

1. Phil Mickelson

Sure, Mickelson is a lot older than many of the players on most fantasy lineup lists, but that just means he has more to prove. With a PGA Tour and Masters record like his, there’s really no stopping this 44-year-old pro.

2. Robert Streb

The sport of golf was built on players who found their rhythm in the middle of tournament runs. Such is the case with Robert Streb. He has made 17 of the past 21 cuts, and he’s not slowing down. Golf critics consistently tear his driving game apart, but Streb is young, willing, and has plenty of room to improve.

3. Tony Finau

Fantasy golf is all about taking risks, which is where sleepers come into play. With 19 cuts in the last 23 tournament starts, Finau is about as safe as you can get with a sleeper. The 6’3” star is a long drive master who is sure to be a real crowd pleaser in 2015.

4. Jason Day

If you’re about to plan out your fantasy roster on a site like FanDuel or RotoGrinders and you’re in need of an underdog, consider Day. Although his stats aren’t as consistent as Rory McIlroy’s or Adam Scott’s, Day is still one of the best in the world. A lot of people think his injuries have set him back, but those injuries have also given him plenty of time to rest up.

5. Brooks Koepka

When it comes to aggressive, driven players, Koepka is at the top of the fantasy list. Not only did he finish in 15th place at the PGA Championship, he also took fourth place at the U.S. Open. That’s not bad for a 24-year-old who still has plenty to learn. place at the PGA Championship, he also took fourth place at the U.S. Open.

6. William McGirt

Golf doesn’t see many late bloomers who become greats, but McGirt is the exception. He tied for fifth in both the FedExCup Playoffs and the Barclays, and he has had plenty of runner-up finishes. At age 35, McGirt knows he has to make something happen this year. That is why he’s a top fantasy pick.

7. Hudson Swafford

If you base your fantasy roster solely on stats, then Swafford is your guy. Although he missed the PGA Tour cut last year, he’s already finished 11th in regulation for greens play and 33rd in driving. In other words, he’s got plenty of game.

8. Tiger Woods

Last, but certainly not least, is Woods. Leaving Woods off your fantasy list would be like ignoring Arnold Palmer in his heyday. No, this definitely isn’t Tiger’s heyday — that time has come and gone. However, many analysts believe he has a few more great runs left in him.

When you’re ready to build the ultimate fantasy golf team, keep in mind the top players above, and may all your fantasies come true.


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