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Anyone following the Atlanta Braves in the last 12 months have been pretty frustrated in general. It seems like they are going through a fire sale even after announcing plans for a new stadium to be built in the suburbs. Since that announcement, it seems like a major youth movement has been going on. Unfortunately, that youth movement means that this team could be very bad in 2015. In fact, they possibly surpassed Philadelphia with their latest move to get younger.

Right before the season kicked off, the Atlanta Braves decide to trade away perhaps the best closer in fantasy baseball along with an outfielder they signed to a lucrative deal a few seasons ago. Craig Kimbrel and Melvin Upton are now both in San Diego, and Atlanta did not really get much in return to help them out this season. People in fantasy baseball see them as a franchise that pretty much did this for the future. They got some young talent back, including a draft pick this upcoming season.

Also gone from the team include players such as Jason Heyward and Justin Upton. This team once had a promising group of hitters, but now it seems like John Hart, general manager of the club, is looking to just blow it up.

Between Philadelphia and Atlanta, the National League East will be looking a bit different this year. The two best teams perennially will be battling it out at the bottom of the standings. The rebuilding process can’t get here soon enough for a lot of supporters. Atlanta is not used to being out of contention for a long period of time by any means. Hopefully, everything comes together for them a little bit in time for the fan base to get behind them again when the new stadium is built. They have two years to fix what could be the worst team in baseball.


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