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For a long time, it looked like there was no chance to ever see a regulated sports betting market in the United States. However, things took a turn for the best in 2018 and there was a ray of hope for all American gamblers when the US Supreme Court ruled the decades-old ban on sports betting as unconstitutional. This took place on May 2018 and since then, there’s a race between states to come with the proper framework for online betting sites USA to flourish. Of course, it’s not like punters steered clear of sports betting sites USA before, but now there’s a real chance to gain access to the very best of what the industry has to offer with the big bookies entering the scene. 

How Sports Betting Takes Place in the USA

As previously mentioned, sports betting in the USA wasn’t legal for quite a long time. The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act passed back in 1992 banned all forms of sports betting in the USA and made it impossible for online betting sites USA to exist. And while it’s still not clear what caused this big change in approach, every punter and operator out there is delighted that the USA betting sites now have a real chance to thrive after the Supreme Court repealed the PASPA. 

In the year that went by since the PASPA was declared unconstitutional and states were able to organise their own forms of legal betting sites in the USA, there was a lot of uncertainty and confusion regarding how the online betting landscape would look like eventually. However, in recent months, we were able to see the best sports betting sites USA slowly enter the market, especially in the states that were open to sports betting before. Some of the top betting sites USA have developed partnerships with local institutions to be able to address the US market faster like it’s the case of William Hill US and the New Jersey Monmouth Park racetrack. Thanks to this collaboration, punters in New Jersey can now enjoy the services of William Hill, one of the best online betting sites USA offers.

And while we can’t really talk about a final list of states where sports betting is 100% legal, since things are highly volatile and change by the month, we’re certain that New Jersey, Nevada and Pennsylvania are the three ones that came with the framework to allow as many online bookmakers as possible. Others, like Illinois, Iowa, Rhode Island or West Virginia are making their first steps into allowing mobile sports betting. However, in-person registration or a list of restrictions are still applied.

Things Every Betting Site in the USA Must Offer

Simply because the online betting sites in the USA are just starting to get a feel of the market is no excuse for them not to deliver the best possible services. So, for a bookie to stand out from the crowd and maximize their chances for success to become one of the best online sports betting sites USA has to offer, they need:

  • High odds – punters shop for high odds to maximize their investment
  • Quick payouts – when online sports betting was done only at offshore bookies, withdrawals took ages so this is a priority for any bookie operating in the USA
  • Diverse markets on NFL, NHL and NBA – sure, soccer betting sites in USA will also get plenty of attention, however, football, hockey and basketball remain kings. 
  • USD currency – this one shouldn’t be an issue as most of them have it as a standard currency
  • Numerous payment options – back when betting was not allowed, online bookies didn’t have many options for topping up their account. Offering methods like Bitcoin, MoneyGram, WesternUnion or gift cards is a must

best betting sites in USA

Can Punters from USA Access Foreign Betting Sites?

foreign betting sitesAs mentioned in the introduction, punters were accessing foreign betting sites even before 2018 when things started to improve regarding an organised landscape for online betting in the country. Most of the foreign bookies USA punters accessed were established in Costa Rica or Panama and that meant zero protection for them in case things went south. With the slow but steady penetration of the best sports betting sites in USA, things are changing since there will no longer be a demand for illegal bookies. However, just like before, punters in the states that have not made up their mind about online betting can use a VPN service to access the best soccer betting sites USA has seen. For now, UK betting sites that work in USA, such as William Hill can be accessed by punters in New Jersey without the need of any additional software.

What Payment Methods Can I Use on USA Betting Sites?

Again, we need to discuss how things were back when online betting was only accessible at offshore betting sites. The authorities passed the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act that, despite its intent to block access to offshore bookies completely, managed to render some of the most popular payment options useless. Now, with the top sports betting sites USA is slowly allowing, the conditions are set to unlock all the popular payment options to top-up their accounts. Already, online sports betting sites USA like William Hill are supporting Visa and MasterCard credit & debit cards, ACH or their own Wiliam Hill prepaid card. Bet365 is also accepting debit and credit cards, PayNearMe, Paysafe and Skrill.

With more and more betting sites in USA with European roots, the landscape will enjoy more diversity and a wider choice of payment options being accepted. After all, the countries that regulated online betting and gambling properly, are enjoying massive income from taxes. So, there’s no reason why the top 10 betting sites in USA won’t do their best to make it as easy as possible for punters to deposit and bet on their favorite sports.

Are Betting Exchanges Available in the USA?

Despite major progress being registered in the online bookmakers department in the USA, we can’t say the same thing about betting exchanges. WBX, the only betting exchange operating in the US decided to shut down their operations back in 2015, after almost 10 years of trying to provide a viable alternative for Betfair worldwide. At the moment of writing this article, there are no legal betting exchanges sites in USA and the only way to access one is going through a VPN. Unlike other betting sites that work in USA, betting exchanges like Betfair, Smarkets or Betdaq did not show real interest for the US market so far.

Where Can I File a complaint About a USA Betting Site?

It really depends on the state you’re residing in. You should always address the gambling authority that issued the bookmaker you are playing at, as long as we’re talking about bookies licensed in the USA. If you’re accessing other European bookies that did not yet get a license for the US but are licensed by either the MGA, UKGC or any other trustworthy licensing authority, you need to address them directly. And, as always, if any of these recommendations fail to provide results, give us a shout and we’ll do everything possible to make your voice heard.


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